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  • blue4yue blue4yue Oct 4, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    Why I sold today....

    There is no excuse for this R/S. None whatsoever. The date of delisting has been known for over a year. A YEAR!!! Yet, the officers and managers of this company could not execute on clinical trials in any kind of a timely matter to avoid this collision of events. Not even 10 or 14 days ahead of time? If you believe otherwise, then you are deluding yourself. A round of golf here.....a vacation in Aruba there...... Shopping on 5th avenue for a week at Christmas.....whatever.

    Now the possibility of dilution along with hedge fund and short interest manipulation becomes very real. So do not whine at all the short posts here as it is only the beginning. Just take a look at the ARNA msg board and that is your future here. May as well get used to it. I will be buying this back someday probably at 63 cents post split although I hope not. And that is a shame because this could be a really great story.

    I just will not be a part of a #$%$ shoot of a phase 2 clinical trial after all that has just transpired. Good luck all. I hope this works out.

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    • Enjoy it.

    • good job...u understand now....every reverse split will be a disaster after 6-12 months. After I sell it, I will come here to make fun of LONG...i want them to feel the PAIN. LOL.... I hope the PUMPER will pump up next week so I can jump out of this shitxy ..i am tired of ZLCS...... it will be under 1/share in 12 months.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • My opinion was that they reverse split so they could sell shares to LPC under the $25 million share sale agreement without having to worry about the stock price falling below $1.

    • This post is saturated with defensive arguments. It's fine to be upset, the RS sucked, but your analysis is taking this WAY too far imo. Your point about short interest manipulation is valid, but your timing doesn't make sense. Why would shorts take up a position now before the trial results are released? If results are good, it would be #$%$ to short, if results are bad....we have worse things to worry about. With the potential size of the market and ODD, good results mean returns in the 100%%%%s. So you basically discarded amazing science and a proven method of action based on a knee jerk reaction to mgmt not being able to increase the stock price over the last year? That sounds like a mix of half thoughts and betrayal anxiety.

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      • 1 Reply to bio_steal_12
      • It is a long long road to FDA approval for any drug. Even after approval, novel drugs can have a difficult time being marketed and accepted by medical practitioners. It is a marathon and not a sprint. Based on my own sense I feel there is a reason to take pause here. This stock is not going to $100 because of a favorable phase 2 trial. There will be plenty of time to make additional returns if the trials are successful.

    • still time to ride the AMRN runup into Oct 16 adcom, and the Dec 20 PDUFA date. Could possibly be an easy double from where it's at now, around $7, glta. all imo, do your own dd

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    • Sooooo that means you knew for a year that they didn't meet requirements and still chose to invest? ZLCS does not put out pump, they only report on facts, and they will not just simply release pumps to artificially increase the price to meet requirements.

      It was your choice to invest...

      • 1 Reply to jakobi007
      • How was I to know even months ago, that information about clinical trials would not be available until after a R/S. Impressions of managers can only be made over time from events that occur. Such is the case for me in this instance. I do not invest on pump. I invest on performance or the perceived potential to perform. It is a simple test and I find when I deviate from it trouble is likely to ensue. I grow my money over time and do not look to get rich in a month or two going all in hoping for the next Celgene which took over 13 years to get where it is today.

    • crook Oct 4, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

      taking into consideration that they need to notify before a split (15 calendar days?) they waited the maximum amount of time.

      the fact that the company could not or did not try hard enough to bring up the share value in the LONG TIME they had is a legitimate irritation though.

      we saw strange action before the r/s that has now tapered off as (probably) the result of the r/s. orphan drug designation isnt real news.

      in your opinion, you feel that the r/s occurring is indicative of management knowing that trial results (that hadnt been completed) would be poor?

      if you are to doubt a company/ceo that much (essentially thinking they are running a trial they know would fail - possibly to simply extend their lucrative job) then why would you even invest in the company in the first place?

      although i dont care whether or not you believe z160 will have favorable results, as either of us is entitled to a different opinion on such an unproven matter, your reasoning is poor at best.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Stop being an infant. The reverse splt was indeed necessary. If the stock had been manipulated down below 1.00 on any day following Oct 4, and the company got delisted from the NAZ, you and the whiney wimps like you would have been first in line to call for the CEO's resignation for malfeasance. Fact: It was the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. Had the reverse split NOT been enacted in time, it would have tanked even further. And now you're telling us that you sold?? At the 20 day LOW? Not the sharpest tool in the shed now are we?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 4 Replies to semperfinance
      • I do not know if you have ever been employed by a corporation, but failed execution is intolerable and in my own OPINION that is what I think and I acted accordingly as you are free to do as well.I made 53% on my investment in less than a year.. That is good business. Nothing personal semp. If the news is good I will be the first to jump back in.

      • crook Oct 4, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

        although everyone has a different risk tolerance, and ive sold my share of positions at less than perfect timings, i do agree with most of your post. i believe today was totally fear. stock finished about 5.45 as i said this morning and it will finish next week over 6.00. where it goes from there i think depends on the ability of some buzz creation in prep for z160 trial information :) and if the trial results are poor, i believe it will be the end for zalicus.

      • Completely agree here about possible manipulations and risk of taking the stock down.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I got out with a profit. Management had a whole year to get their whatever together and they did not. That's why I left. These dumb Indians that want to recruit me want all of my contacts and want me to deliver $4 million book of business in three months......yeah right. Go back to your sand....idiots.

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