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  • jakobi007 jakobi007 Oct 5, 2013 1:35 AM Flag

    Post R/S Run Up

    If you look at the chart going back to July 31st, you will see that when it tests new highs...there is a pullback. What you seeing now is the same thing, nothing more or less. The run will continue once it pulls back enough.

    Let the data show you, just look. If you let the bashers and shorts scare you into selling your shares...that is your own fault. The run is not broken and it will only strengthen the closer we get.

    This is the 3rd time since July 31st that we had a spike, new high, and now the pullback. The R/S is nothing to be concerned about due to the pending results. You JUST have LESS shares at a HIGHER price. Nothing more or less.

    Once the pullback finishes, we will test new highs once again. I am not pumping, just look at the chart and the data.

    Relax. Patience.

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    • The PPS will run up again,next Monday. We will see $9 soon!

      • 1 Reply to redbeanus
      • Yeah it may start Monday or even mid to late next week, but it IMO it will start again. The average time between the lowest pullback, and the next new high is about 10-15 days. There might be days or periods where we just sit for sometime while it consolidates.

        If we look at the pullback from the first new high pre-split wise, it pulled back to $.59, then the next new high pulled back to $.73, then finally yesterday it pulled back to $.89.

        I had a wrong number as well as the pullback in my numbers should be $5.31 on 10/2/2013. That is what I get for trying to post while having a couple. The numbers that start with "5" don't like YMB.

        Date---------------Peak---------Pullback-------- Difference--------Change
        8/6/2013----------$4.74--------$3.54-------------$1.20 ---------------25%
        9/6/2013-------#$%$04--------$4.38 -------------$0.66---------------13%
        10/2/2013--------$7.20-----#$%$31--------------$1.89 ---------------26%
        Average -----------------------------------------------$1.25----------------22%

        I agree $9.00 or even $10.50 at this point seems or looks improbable, but really it is not. $9.00 pre-split is only $1.50, and $10.50 is only $1.75. Both of those are highly reachable IMO.

        Just wait why the stock consolidates, and has it pull back. Z160 pending results are what really negates the negative affect of the R/S. If there was no Z160 P2 pending results, we would be in trouble.

        Good luck.

    • Date---------------Peak---------Pullback-------- Difference--------Change
      8/6/2013----------$4.74--------$3.54-------------$1.20 ---------------25%
      9/6/2013-------#$%$04--------$4.38 -------------$0.66---------------13%
      10/2/2013--------$7.20 ----#$%$64--------------$1.56 ---------------22%
      Average -----------------------------------------------$1.14 ---------------20%

      Between each spike, or high, there was a positive run up in stock price. This has charted this way since 7/31/2013, and should continue. We are just having a pullback, but then we head north.

      The fact that we are growing closer and closer to the P2 results may accelerate this trend that has been building. The fact that we have gone done the past 2 days, really has nothing to do with the R/S.

      The change from the first pullback to the next new high was a 42% increase. When looking at the second pullback to the next new high there was an increase of 64%. Based on those to numbers, which seems to be trending from 7/31/2013. I am estimating that the next new high will be around $10.50.

      Finally based on the data from the first three new highs, we should reach this near the end of November. There are several things that could change this, as in news release, either good or bad, or some other event that hasn't happened since the run began.

      Just my opinion. Relax, Patience.

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