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  • boobiebuttfart boobiebuttfart Oct 5, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Stock Price on December 27th

    If both trials are positive $9.87
    If one trial is positive $6.25
    If both trials fail $.89
    If trial results are delayed until first quarter 2014 $4.87

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    • On December 27 I'll have 3 or 4 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales in my system. You can bet on that. Good luck with Zalicus prices...

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    • I totally agree, $9.87 for two positive phase 2 trials for disruptive pain reduction technology is spot on!
      Boobiebuttfart, something about you. I don't know if its the name or PPS predictions. If you ever decide to do a coast to coast run, I will be right behind you wearing my Buttfart T-shirt and hat. My only question is, why December 27th? What are you trying to tell the world, man?

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    • A few of those are underestimated. We reached $8.28 ($1.38) with no results. $9.87 with two positive results is only $1.65. If both are positive, IMO it will go beyond that easily. The results will not be delayed. They completed enrollment on 9/3/2013, and they are 6 week trials. That puts them to end roughly mid October, and a few weeks to compile results. Results may come as soon as the end of October to mid November.

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      • I couldnt agree more. To speculate that the company would rise a mere .25c above the price it traded at 5 days ago, AFTER BOTH TRIALS PROVED SUCCESSFUL ????? (split adjusted), is SHEER FOLLY and a BLATANT SHORT SELLERS (OR ACQUIRERS) "SPIN" with the intent to hold prices down. If you want to compare apples to apples post R/S, the stocks going to somewhere between $18.00 and $20.00 per share if both of the Trial results expected this month prove positively beneficial and safe - and that's only the beginning. 9.50?? These dopes need to give us a friggggn break Jake!!

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      • "A few of those are underestimated."
        Dude, back off Buttfart, ok.

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    • If it went to 89 cents I would put up everything I own into the stock. That is not realistic but could hit 2 on those results. . If both trials are positive, it would be a minimum of a 500MM market cap that brings it up to 22-25 dollars.

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      • Hey Steel, if Buttfart say 89 cents, it is realistic. This is freak'in Boobie EFFEN Buttfart we are talking about here. You need to apologize for the $22-25 dollar slap in the face. You have not seen the Buttfart algorithms that went into his analysis. Don't just throw number around like this. Jim is going to be all over you for this one. This behavior is not tolerated on this board. Now, having said this, I have a Buttfart T-shirt and coffee mug for you for $25 dollars that includes 1 year club membership and an official Buttfart poster.

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