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  • grandmagobulin grandmagobulin Oct 5, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    ADAM F aint no Biotech God - Wrong as often as he is right., he's the epitome of "Conflict of Interest"

    Sure it's a positive that he stopped short of an outright slam on ZLCS but truth be told, he's not a true analyst and if he was, he wouldn't resort to using social media and spam to get out his "expert" opinion for profit to his own account (payed research). A real "tell" as to the character of the man is his choice of prognostication vehicles; small cap biotech. There couldn't possibly be a more nebulous and unquantifiable arena as small cap developmental stage biotech. You can find such tremendous disparities in the market caps of seemingly equal companies and their future potential that is mind boggling. Truth is, there is no truth when it's in the process of being discovered. Yet this is where he goes. His main criteria is what we all use: size of potential market, probability of product effectiveness, probability of product safety and money in the bank. The last line is where the rub is. If Adam F KNEW how much money was COMMITTED, yet not "in the coffers" he wouldn't need to waste his time pontificating on twitter. It's an insiders game for sure, but even the insiders don't know the outcome. Case in point JAZZ pharmaceuticals, one of Feuresteins biggest failures. Adam called the company a sell down at 8 or 9 dollars after the FDA stopped short of giving their proposed repurposing of Xrem to the Fibromyalgia market. The stock is now flirting with 100.00 per share. There have been multiple other failures of his as well, but the biggist is AF's failure to understand that with a lack of verifiable information, that HIS bogus interpretation has a bigger effect upon price than the underlying facts; known truth. As such, he's one of the best and most prolific YELLOW JOURNALISTS of our day and his motive is pure profit. Nothing more noble in his eyes, but nothing less noble for his followers. If you follow him, you deserve what you get - all imo.

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    • The opinion in that article was one of the investors who went ape #$%$ over an orphan drug designation, and not about the company per se. The only mention of the company was in fact positive.

    • Grandma? Either your a fake making fun of me, or there's nothing but us old ladies out on the boards this morning. I did however wish to point out something in your use of JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS as a comparison to Zaclicus. I have read it here more than once that this is no apples to apples comparison, more like apples to oranges. I think where it becomes more illustrative is the case of Z160, as an investigational drug in clinical trial stage 2 for use in treating neuropathic pain as a result of "Shingles". Here's where the comparison shines. As the safety issues have already been resolved at much higher dosings with Z160, the only real issue at hand is effectiveness - and it's not likely that those who used it prior to the trial experienced real relief. But its important to note that "shingles" - another name of herpes zoster is considered to be the "high bar" of pain and thusly is used as a standard bearer in clinical trials regarding pain relievers. This drugs primary market won't be for sufferers of shingles, although they will certainly partake, rather pain of many if not all varieties. Particularly, as has been noted, as a work around for people who have become so hopelessly addicted to, and currently abusing such drugs as Vicodin. Here is the comparison to Jazz's Xyrem, which is being sold by the tens of millions in profit to the sufferers of Fibromyalgia, even tho the drug was developed for the treatment of a form of narcolepsy. BTW: The Vicodin market is easily 100x BIGGER than the market for Xyrem. Just something to think about - one grandma to another.

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