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  • ujunior Oct 6, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Unbelieveable...sci and others are professional bashers/pumper and you fall for it

    They put out statements are believeable and seem true but seriously....Lincoln Park having insider information and will trade on that??? Seriously...Only because LPC agree to offer financing does not mean they are on the board of directors and are giving first rights. Though the timing of events with ZLCS suck, to be honest, the reality, this board is nothing but straight up with the rule book. Reverse split had to be done with the Nasdaq by Sept 18, that the truth of it, it was too close to call to wait it out. The idea that ZLCS calls LPC that the trial results are good or bad so they can act on that information, is riduculas. Company that lend millions of dollars are going to be put their reputation on the line and go to jail for the benefit of ZLCS. Naming one thing that ZLCS did that was illegal? NOTHING - they are by the book - they can't control results of study, that the nature of this business and reason for the risk and reward....Use your head people, this jerks on this board are playing the truth but the end of the day, they are the real crooks, not LPC or Zalicus...

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    • Junior, there is nothing illegal about what Lincoln Park or Zalicus are doing. I never said that there was. The equity finance deal brings Lincoln into the fold and positions them to take advantage of a clinical trial win while financing Zalicus. If the news is good, they will be the first to know and/or asked to buy shares. If the news is bad, they will get VIP priority to exit. They can also act on other news events and sell however they want. Review the exact same agreement that Lincoln has made with countless other companies. Look at the PPS performance from the time they invest forward. I do not think Lincoln is running a charity. Z160 is still Z160 and we await news that Lincoln Park ALSO hopes is good because if so, they make a ton of cash...which is the bottom line. The next time you board an airlines, tell them Sci is a professional basher/pumper (which is a bold faced lie and you have no evidence for) and then request first class seats in exchange for coach. It is not my fault that Lincoln is in first class. Don't pin any blame on me for the way the world works.

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