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  • runk1120 runk1120 Oct 11, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Five reasons why I think we close green / near $5 today

    1. Delisting will be formally out of way, a PR will come out per we now meet requirements
    2. Sitting on the simple 50 DMA, could get a bounce from there
    3. Once delisting is no longer an issue, funds may be free to buy
    4. To buy, funds would need the price back above $5
    5. Today would be the 5th red day in a row. Impossible? No, but likely? No

    Just thinking out loud, this morning looks like the recent sea of red. Heres to hoping we see an afternoon rally. Sure would be nice to see some green days while we wait for news!

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    • An end to delisting PR will have a positive affect (is it known now, yes - but it will have an effect as it makes it formal). Many funds will not buy unless above $5 - as the price drifts back towards $5 and with regulatory clearance they may be more enticed to buy. Speaking of casinos (yes, I do go frequently) the number 5 is a powerful number for many people who play high stakes baccarat. Two men I play with bet against 3, 5 and 7 heavily - meaning they feel it unlikely those numbers come up sequentially. Follow the trend, or bet contrarian, different thoughts for different folks.

      Bottom line, anything is possible, this is a binary event - the rest is just having fun and creating a dialogue for the day. As they said in Rome "Are you not entertained!" I take the money part serious, but not the boards and what we do here. Nothing stays red forever, the stock is hurting, but not broke yet. We are not seeing massive volumes telling me that anyone knows anything, we are seeing manipulations. Manipulation works both ways. Its about time this gets manipulated up. GLTL's

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    • there is no truth that funds can't buy under $5. there are some that won't but there is nothing to prevent them

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    • Also, please don't gamble at casino if you beleive your #5 reason.

    • 5 reasons I think your full of sheet
      1) no kidding sherlock, anyone doesn't know this by now?
      2) ok
      3) ZLCS below $5
      4) Huh? So they will magically will ZLCS above $5 without buying shares?
      5)Let me look at my 8 ball. It says ask again later

    • In your list 4, ZLCS now is under $5, how funds able to buy?

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    • mark_in_los_angeles_90049 mark_in_los_angeles_90049 Oct 11, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

      All very sensible....but maybe only after the last of the children are scared away?