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  • wallowabound wallowabound Oct 12, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    No $40 ever

    1. We haven't even started phase 3.
    2. If phase 2 data is good then we might and It is a big might run to 7-10. They are broke so they will be desperate for a partner. NO partner means Stock dilution. Look for a shelf to be filed right after Phase 2 results.
    3. I see 2 maybe 3 dilutions prior to a buyout or partnership The stock will be so diluted by then you might see 15 no more than 20. When you are broke you have little control over your future. Of course the buyer will turn this into a billion dollar drug but ZLCS management will be mud after each stock dilution.

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    • I can't wait for 1.66...

    • If phase 2 data is good your going too see it much higher than $10. and any dilution will be much smaller because of the higher price, you also have to figure in , partnerships,buyout and of course who would not want to be in when PH3 is successful. think about that

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    • By the way, this company ain't broke. They have $20 million in cash and a financing agreement with Lincoln Park for up to $25 million. You are obviously clueless about this company and the potential of Z160.

    • From Jason Napodano:

      "We suspect that Zalicus will look to partner Z160 in a deal similar to the previous collaboration with Merck following results of the two ongoing phase 2a trials. Management told us that partners are already knocking on the door for Z160. We think with two positive Phase 2a trials in hand, Zalicus will be able to secure a very lucrative deal."

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      • Its nice to see a good debate on both sides of the issue to pressure test Zalicus. With cash form cHTS, Exalgo, and Lincoln, they will partner up like Pharmacyclics. If one or both results are positive, do you sell at the first spike like Wallowabound suggests or side with Corrigan and Gallen's vast experience in strong collaborative deals as Greenype suggests? It is just my opinion, but Greenype wins the debate but Wallowabound's devil's advocate approach is equally valuable is the truth seeking process.

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