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  • yborcat Oct 15, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

    point of view

    i understand that i don't have a position in this company,but i'm watching it because i will jump back in at the appropriate time,but still i have to say as a RESPONSIBLE businessman,that a company involved on research,generates very little cash or none at all,therefore in my opinion,the management should take enough salary to support themselves or none at all,until the business generates enough income to support them,instead those guys pay themselves a very rich salary and THEY REWARD THEMSELVES WITH A LOT OF SHARES,meanwhile the PPS continues to fall,now be honest,.how can anyone trust such a selfish management?i don't, and that's why i'm out,they don't care if YOU MAKE MONEY OR NOT,but one thing is sure,THEY DO MAKE MONEY,these are the facts,regardless of what is gonna happen when they announce the results,you're suffering and waiting,and they live in complete confort and no worries,you be the judge

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