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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 Oct 18, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    T I M B E R !!!!!! .72 Centavos - Come On Over, Who Wants To Catch The Falling Knife? Don't Be Lookin' For Corrigan & Company.

    Well longs, whatcha got to say today, now that this POS ZLCS is below the R/S? Do you think, maybe ya should have bailed on the last day of September. Come on, tell the truth.

    Hmmm, if it keeps going down that way it has been since 9/30, it could reach .72 cents post R/S price.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • genetz-you sold right? Be happy for that... be humble---good trial and all will change in Z's world....

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      • You are right Table. If you are long, good luck. Be careful. check out PSDV which experienced the same hype as ZLCS for about the same time period this year.

        I loaded up at the beginning of the year at a tad over two bucks based on a tip from a pal. The stock was running on hype that FDA was going to approve a new drug. It rose to a tad over five bucks last month at which time I bailed. My pal hung in. It rose another quarter, maybe fifty cents more, then plunged to the low 2's to just about where my pal bought.

        I talked to my pal this morning who told me the stick was up to the high $2's, but doubts it will rise much more, so he is dumping tomorrow.

        Be careful with all the hype on this Board.

        My post herein was made in jest, simply to stir up the masses. I am not a ZLCS basher nor do I wish any bad luck to anyone who has money riding on ZLCS. No one wants to lose money, however, too many people don't look at the facts, but want easy profits. There is no such thing.

        IMO, if Z160 appeared to have positive results thus far, Insiders would be buying. Since that has not occurred, I will just watch from the outside, with money to put back in if i see some good news.

        I don't want a repeat of two years ago when I was holding at $1.98and ZLCS surged to $3.21 and I did not sell. Had I done so, I would have made a good profit, then I could have loaded up earlier this year at .40 and made another batch of green.

    • guess you dont know anything about the company

      guess you didnt load up under .60 for 3 months all summer

      guess yer a loser going to work everyday for the bossman

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      • CandyMan, you are right on one point, I failed to load up under .60. IN my case, I loaded up at .80, then at .73. Unfortunately, a couple years earlier I also loaded up $1.98, failed to bail when ZLCS surged to $3.21, which was definitely not a wise decision, subsequently cutting into my profits significantly. However, I still managed to walk away with almost 3k on 9/30 after calculating the loss at $1.98.

        I am a l solo practitioner lawyer, so, albeit I do work, I only do so in the winter months after I spent a lot of time on the Colorado River in Earp, CA. With respect to your opinion that I answer to the "bossman," if you consider my wife the boss, then, yeah, I must do some answering.

        With respect to your opinion that I don't know anything about ZLCS, you are wrong.

        Before I purchase a stock, I conduct my dd and in the case of ZLCS, my decision to sell and watch form the sidelines was based upon my dd, coupled with the manner Corrigan runs ZLCS. IMO, which is based upon the history of ZLCS, it was my best judgement to run, not walk away from ZLCS. However, as pointed out above, it was my judgement to keep an eye on it from the outside just in case Z160's results are positive, which results in an uptick to the price.

        As you can discern, or should discern from the R/S, based upon Fridays close, ZLCS would have to surge fifty per cent to make up for the significant loss. When considering that fact, that leaves very little profit to materialize.

        I don't like management. I don't trust it based on the way it has run this company.

        If you have the time, take a look at PSDV, another biotech that had a good prospect in its portfolio.

        In March I loaded up at a tad over two bucks, ($2.17) a few months later, maybe June when I was at the River it rose to the mid $3',s, then around September 17, when I sold it rose to $5.10 I sold.

        The rise was based upon receiving favorable FDA results on a drug. It failed and the priced plunged 50%.

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