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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 Oct 24, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

    August 2011 - Stockdaug = Scistats

    A couple of years ago, more specifically April 26, 2011 - May 3, 2011, when ZLCS ran up from $2+ to $3.21, there were a handful of posters who had been pumping ZLCS for a couple of months up to the high, then, as soon as ZLCS hit a high ($3.21) on or the end of April 2011 or beginning of May 2011, the primary poster, stockdaug, also known as scistat, smitty, palmetto, ctbradley, kj, disappeared. At that time everyone finally realized that the Stockdaug, aka Scistat, was just a pumper who posted scientific data to lure in the unwise, unsophisticated investor.

    Now, Scistat is back at it again.

    Grasshoppers, do your dd before you hang on to ZLCS or put in any money. You will be glad you did.

    Personally, I don't know where ZLCS is going, up or down, however, when someone like Scistat is pumping a stock, you will find me running for the exit door.

    Do a right click on Scistat and Stockdaug and you will find all the evidence you need to be wary of Scistats posts.

    I am a retired cop, not trying to be an alias cop, however, I am simply trying to make you aware of the presence of Scistat, and the harm he can bring down.

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    • grow up kid

      pretend lawyer
      pretend 'special' agent hahaa
      pretend former cop

      yer a turd

    • povertysucks Oct 25, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

      He also wrote multiple Seeking Alpha articles using his real name, which immediately affected the price per share. The ZLCS price for maybe the first half dozen articles increased. It was the only spark causing the increase. I left a MB post saying anybody for any stox could write an article and the PPS would increase.

      There are always new unbeilieving stoxholders. He will respond to your post in a way to influence you to be his friend. It is pure manipulation. He cannot not be trusted. He only cares about his wallet.

    • It's funny, I remember those days and all the scientific terms that Stocklaser would use. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Now, there's a person on the ARNA board by the name of Stockvader, he writes all his messages nearly the same way. I've always thought to myself this is Stocklaser, Stockdaug or Scstats. It's funny how Stocklasers last aricle on SA was about the same time he showed up on the ARNA board. I've even called him on this exact same topic and received no response.

    • Not sure that I agree with all of your posters, but yeah, Stocklasar aka Stockdaug aka Stockwaun aka Scistats aka Zessia

    • genetz,
      Sci's postings were always scientific benefits of the drugs , never on pps.Daug was always trying to manipulate the pps thru his SA articles.They may be the same person but they definitely work together.The other posters come and go but don't base an investment on a ymb poster . ZLCS could rocket on good results or being acquired .Results are coming , bet what you can afford.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think you are wrong about CTBradley. He's connected somehow.

    • mark_in_los_angeles_90049 mark_in_los_angeles_90049 Oct 25, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

      I've mainly noted that Scistats will often post regurgitations of mostly helpful formal data by which one might make informed judgments about Z. Not all that data is promising! We also acquire data through observation and piecing together of facts about the YMB environment that provides some of our Z data we first-see here, so this awareness and effort on your part is also helpful.

    • I appreciate your intentions on this, but I don't trust what anyone says on a message board. People who short it claim the stock is going to 1 penny and people who long it love to claim the stock is going over 50 dollars. I do my own analysis and explain where I come from. Not trying to just do 2 line posts and make people think the stock is on the way to new highs.

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      • I also don't trust anything that is posted on the message board. What I use the message board for is as a ZLCS support group. Z goes way up or way down and you will find someone who is going through the same trauma or feelings of master of the universe. A inexpensive form of therapy. Do your own DD and to all the B.S. posters out there so SAD. (The ignore button was made for you)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • genetz: I'll get a lot of heat over this but your 100% correct about sci/Daug/lazer (I don't think ctbradley??) and the bulk of the others plus a number of other AKA's that come and go.
      I have watched him pull his stunt 4 different times and there is no doubt he will try again.
      Do to numerous warnings he's lost a lot of his punch. He did pull off a dandy though through his alias James Stocklazer Thomas on SA, one of the worst crashes he finagled over the years.
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to pattonjim95
      • Jimmy P, I see you have been around almost as long as me, came in a tad before the $3.21 rise back in April 2011, so, I appreciate the input, especially since I put my boots on this morning and jumped back in when I saw ZLCS break five bucks, but unfortunately, dropped down to $4.91.

        I am in under five by a red-cent, however, I expect this to jump to at least eight bucks in the next couple of weeks and if the stars are aligned right, maybe even nine.

        IMO, Napodano's S/A article turned this dud into a "momentum" stock like FB and YHOO, so, the ride should be easy to eight. After that point, and the release of information from the PH II results, my crystal ball is cloudy, so, I can't get any further readings.

        Reuters has ZLCs listed in the worst category, however, the few analysts cited by Reuters has it listed as a buy, so, maybe you longs will be right?

        The wife plays the slots in Parker, AZ, fortunately only 20 bucks a day and takes her few dollars profits when they come, so, hopefully my seed money here pays some dividends because I am not playing with only twenty bucks. (you got me, thirty) lol

        When I take the Jet Skis to the River next week for some fun in the sun before daylight savings time ends I am hoping I see some good news on ZLCS like I did at the end of last month while we were skiing on the Colorado River.

        Not too long, but not short either.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Patton, I retrieved some of the names set forth in my initial post from others on this Board who have posted a plethora of negative comments about the same person during the pre $3.21 high back in late April 2011.

        Except for SciStat, (and of course the famous StockDaug) who IMO submits posts to get the unwary to buy into his hype, I have no first hand knowledge about CTBradley, so, if i defamed his name, CTBradley, I apologize.

        I am back in this morning with the profits and seed money I pulled out on 9/30 because after looking at the stars last night and my crystal ball this morning, the feedback reflects that after Napodano's S/A article hit the news stands, ZLCS became what folks call a "momentum" stock, like FB and YHOO, rising on little more than hype, not conclusive facts and will continue to rise up on expectations to the date of release of PH II results.

        I need not tell you that it results are positive, then ZLCS will definitely pop, how much I don't know, but IMO at least 25% from the pre-announcement price, however, if results are not favorable. then, down to at least fifty per-cent. If ZLCS is up to nine bucks at that time, I can absorb a fifty per-cent haircut from my earlier profits and learn another lesson not to be greedy.

        Good luck and wish me the same.

    • OK ... I can tell you must be a major control freak. I do not think the serious longs here care about your acknowledgement. Most have reached their own conclusions and over the years, have performed their own studious DD. Most are here on the MB having fun discussing Z, life, baseball, football or whatever. Serious investors do not really take MB commentary very seriously.
      Some of us enjoy Scistats' post and do not really care what moniker he/she uses. I find that he/she is a person of a very high intelligence, and of interest to me is his/her uncanny ability to dig up some very obscure info on the subject. Whether the info is valid or not, is up to the reader's interpretation. The same would apply to your posts and mine also. I would like to believe that the serious investors here know Scistats, and if you are not a serious investor, then go to Vegas & have a good night. JB

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