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  • bordens47 Nov 11, 2013 10:56 AM Flag


    I just lost about 65,000 dollars. Now what? Only got 7,000 left if I were to sell today. People, any advise? Just hold I guess right? Was out of my control but still, a smaller heads up would of been nice for us longs so we had a chance to sell around 4 or 5 per share.

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    • yborcat Nov 11, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

      my advise is to buy DANG,i 've been buy dang all along,the stock is going up and it won't stop going up,just buy that and do other things,you will see the stock growing,biotechs are too volatilethis stoch is stable,but growing,but do your DD first,and good luck,

    • My advice would be to not listen to anyone on this message board, including me. So much #$%$ you'd think it was a Tea Party campaign. For what it's worth I'd recommend not investing in the stock market unless you are insider trading like the corrupt big guns that run the casino. Jaded? You're damned right.

    • Sell it and put it all on $MRIC. Long shot but you need to make that money back.

    • Listen carefully: 1) Don't listen to pumpers/dumpers. 2) Know market cycle -- Displacement, Boom, Euphoria, Crisis, and, finally, Revulsion. Here's what this means: You are in the "Crisis" period where insiders who moved in are moving out. WAIT for "Revulsion" phase which is to come. The Revulsion phase is when price becomes widely out of line with reality. This is starting to happen. IF (and it is not a given) there is some residual value (and it appears there may be with other possibilities/drugs for this company) and you hold on there is a good chance (not astronomical, but grounded in reality) that ZLCS will recover, at least to the extent where you can recoup some, but maybe not all of your losses.........DO NOT LET EMOTION guide your actions.

    • If you are asking ppl what to do when you had plowed over $60 grand into a stock, then you are more of an idiot than I think you are.

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      • Hey, I get it. But watch the karma. If Borden is telling the truth, cut him some slack. Yes, we can call him stupid and he may be as an investor. So what? Keep your vibration level up, not down. If I was potentially losing that much moola, whether I "deserved" it or not, I could use some good advice from others who MAY have a better handle on where to go from here.

    • My advice would be sell and buy PRAN; reason being: You gain the tax loss for 2013, avoid the chance for it going even lower if it were to do so, and PRAN has 2 catalysts coming up in early 2014. 1 for Huntingtons and the other for Alzheimers. Alzheimers is huge and with the successful results of both it is not unlikely for it to see $30+. I am sorry for your loss, all the best.

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