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  • yborcat Nov 27, 2013 1:22 PM Flag


    as you can see,the pumping is over,it won't go any higher that that,now guess what happens next?THE DUMP,THIS BIG LOAD OF POOP IS READY TO GET DUMPED,SELL,SAVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT,BUY A COUPLE TURKEYS INSTEAD

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    • Pffff, don't you get tired of all the bashing???? I am... Just putted you on ignore... Find a job or something and get away from this board...

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    • You are the most depressing, pessimistic character! How do you have the time and patience to spend ALL day slamming this stock? Do you do this with other stocks too, or is your intense hatred focused solely on ZLCS? I have a feeing that you just want the stock to plummet so that you can afford to buy a few shares. What a miserable way to do business. I think that you need help and should stop wasting your days and become a productive citizen. Do some volunteer work, it is very good for the soul :)

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      • He is not miserable, he is not depressing, and he is not pessimistic. He is just doing his job, the one he is getting paid to do.
        He probably works for some "boiler room" outfit in some run down slum lord's basement.
        He is just doing his job. Like any low life con artist.....he is just doing his job.

      • yborcat Nov 27, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

        actually you got it wrong,i sold all my shares the day after the R/Sand like i explained several times,iI HATE SCAMMERS,AND THIEVES,and i slam on this stock every day because i believe the management are a bunch of thieves,and they are pumping this stock,you know that,what's happening now is just a pumping,and i do have other stocks,and i don't even partecipate in the message board,ONLY SOMETIMES,NOTHING LIKE THAT,and i do have my own business and i have access to the computer at home and in my office,and in my down timeI LOOK DOWN at Z,and see what kind of BS i happening,and i do hate Z,for the way they went,i didn't get screwed,but i just hate thieves,that's all,and i want to see them out of business,and I CERTAINLY DON'T WANT ANY SHARES OF THIS BS COMPANY,NOT EVEN AS A PRESENT,this is a matter of principles for me,if you knew me,you woudn't even think that i'm just waiting to buy cheaper,like i said,I HATE THIEVES,enjoy your holiday

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    • The only dump here is you!

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      • Cat Man, don't let the bag-holders get you down. Keep spreading the news about this POS.

        You got a new side-kick, "pharmahero" who tells it like it is in succinct terms.

        All the bag-holders are in the dumps, taking significant losses because they did not bail at $1.36 on 11/11.

        Every cent over $1.36 helps them recover their losses.

        Some may have made some of their money back if they had the b@!!$ to buy at .80's.

        If ZLCS wasn't run by a group of fraudsters, which IMO it is then it could be a good trading stock on its way to bankruptcy. But unfortunately, ZLCS is run by fraudsters.