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  • gah6000 gah6000 Jan 8, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    Does anybody ever learn?

    I am not a short. I just follow Z out of interest now... I was a long for more than two years before cutting bait a couple of months ago. I was duped and lost a good bit of money.

    This is a pump and dump stock. There is no reason to buy unless you're feeling super lucky that you'll somehow guess the right time to get out before the dump. That's the only way to make money with ZLCS, and if you're not in the inside... it's probably not going to work out favorably.

    If you're seeing the big uptick and considering whether or not to get in, don't. Just go back over the past three years and look at the patterns. Even with today's boost, this is a .25 stock when considering the reverse split they did in Q4. It's really not worth it... despite what everyone on this board says.