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  • steelingmoney steelingmoney Jan 31, 2014 9:13 AM Flag


    This company will eventually end up in the toilet. If there was anything good with Z944, it would have happened already. I wonder whats been going on with Novartis. Nothing makes sense with the company but the price of the stock.

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    • FYI Steel, ZLCS has been in the toilet since 11/11/13, but like a big solid piece of dung can be, sometimes it takes more than a few flushed to keep it from floating.

      That said, Steel, have faith because at the end of the first week of March most if it will go down in one flush, to be followed be the rest of it going down in a final flush at the end of the year.

      Although Zalicus is a dead company, the stock is not, yet!

    • By now, you would have thought (me) MC and crew would have been out with a statement on how to remedy the short comings of 160 protacalls Z944, chalise, partnership advancement and cHTS along with the developement of (I forgot the name-- thing they outsourced Z212???).... Ostritch management at its finest....

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      • They have been so slow to develop anything. Z944 has been on the road show for the past year and nothing is being done to partner that because there are no partners interested. Prednisporin being given to someone to develop then it is decided to put in on the shelf and hope someone licenses it? Management appears to suck everything dry and will go down with the ship. Although a dry bottom will be there and they just walk away laughing back to the bank in Toronto where this reverse merger started.

      • Corrigan & Co are bogged down trying how to put lipstick on its cow (end of year report) so it won't look as bad as it does in March.

        It does not have enough money to move 994 to PH II, Exalgo royalties plunge in May when it goes 100% generic, in other words, ZLCS better find someone to buy it or it goes out of business by the end of this year.

        I still am holding some shares on the possibility it may do another run, but I doubt it will.

        Those who moved it up a few weeks ago have already exited and only those who are looking for a Hail Mary are still holding. Well, the last time the Virgin Mary made an appearance was in 1917 in Fatima and has not returned since.

        My advice, put your Rosary in the drawer for Sunday, then put it back in.

        This piece of dung is not worthy of a miracle.