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    • Proprietary information is the usual reason. Why let your competitors know what you are trying to do?

    • What was the official reason for Daily Med being sold to Walgreen's? If it was profitable didn't Arcadia have sufficient funding to grow it or was it a good idea but the revenue that it took in in the short term didn't cover expenses and KAD didn't have deep enough pockets to keep it going? If their is manipulation here my guess is the SEC will get involved at some point. Comments/thoughts?


      Arcadia Home Care & Staffing

      Appleton, WI 54911
      (920) 733-7890

      Categories: General Health and Social


    • What if she only works nights??

    • We are a team and only helps and we can work together please report back anyone can call and report back like I did it just makes it more credible thank you!

    • 920-733-7890 call the number she is very nice to talk to about Arcadia Resources I forgot to ask for her name sorry anyways this company is not going BK please anyone can call her and report back on here like i did, wan she answers she will say hello first don't expect her to say Arcadia just let her know you are concerned about the company and she will tell you that she works for Arcadia and they are hiring and more jobs are popping around US for Arcadia I was very please with the conversation so please call maybe you can get more out of her!

    • Hey Firf, yes I saw that. But in the whole scheme of things for Rotech, a 500m a year company, I do not think 1.2 million is going to make much of a difference IMHO.

      I have been on that board for 5-7 years Firf and I can tell you this, that Mason guy is acting like something big is up. I am sick and tired of his crap recently! He is way worse then our guys over here! There is not enough longs to deal with him over there. What a jack hole!

    • Even the company own 8-k stated to avoid buying this stock, so are you telling me Arcadia's own site is misinforming us? I stand in agreement with the original post under this particular article. There is no reason to pump a 1 cent stock. Now if you bought in at 1 cent and wish enough people also buy to raise the price to 3 cents for you to make a profit that ok also. My cost basis is 15 cents at 12,000 shares and i listed my feelings before.It is sad this company is going under by all appearances but that is what is . I'll take my lose and write it off.

    • Thank you for an excellent post. Makes a person stop and think about this company that's for sure.I have owned this not quite 1 yr., if I had I would sell and write it off next tax time as long term capital lose. Now I will ride this out, if BK comes I don't pay broker fees to sell and my principal is 100% tax write off, if it goes up I'll sell at my entry point and try to learn from this. Those who post here and only paid 1-2 cents don't have much to lose unless they bought huge amounts, my 12,000 shares is peanuts in the bigger pictures. Again thanks for an honest post for pumpers or dumpers to read.

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      • You know swanger you always have to check that an non official article gives correct information:

        "Many Arcadia investors criticized the deal as self-serving on Richardson’s behalf. Many had hoped there might be a larger agreement between Arcadia and Walgreen, which pushed Arcadia's stock price up to 5 cents per share until Feb. 17. Since then, the shares have plunged to just 1 cent apiece."

        This is written in way one would think the deal is closed, but it's not. So that's a bit weird...

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