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  • saibotol saibotol Mar 20, 2012 12:57 PM Flag


    What if they are selling the service segment and already have some deal worked out behind closed doors, and they are hiring because the buyer is asking them to hire.
    Does that makes sense? Is that possible/legal?

    Vicis an jana would't get anything for their shares if the service sector was sold, isn't it?

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    • The services segment would have been sold by now if it was going to be sold. There would have been no reason to sell the pharmacy segment. Last years 10k and Q1 10Q states that they were going to grow pharmacy and sell services.

      What selling the pharmacy told me is they couldnt find a buyer to pay a high enough premium for services segment that would have allowed them to have enough cash to adequately fund pharmacy.

      However, they wanted to state in their 10q in december that they still are talking to buyers for services segment because that way they could still take a full impairment for intangibles (that 7.7 mill) which allowed them to have no assets left besides AR and negative cash flow so if Jana and Vicis took them bk they would get nothing.

      Keeping the services segment also told Comerica that they have a profitable operating segment and they are the only secured credior (so they will get paid no matter what now and down the road).

      Its all there in the 10k and 10qs. I suggest to everyone read them all. yes its a lot of material, but its all there in the numbers and footnotes.

      Companies bank on investors not reading 10ks and 10qs cover to cover. that is why they can add little things here and there that are subtle in the document but have HUGE impacts on the future of the company.

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      • Sorry, stinky, but that's just plain myopic and dumb. The entire Comerica credit line is consumed. So "refinance" requires a reprieve from the old debt... $10.5 M... and the granting of additional debt to provide working capital for all these Service-sector expansion plans, either real or imaginary.

        What self-respecting bank management team is going to offer up additional funding for a "red blanket" operating under a "Going Concern" warning expressed by their auditors? By the way, Comerica was DOWNGRADED today. Read the down grade. It speaks volumes about why then absolutely WILL NOT roll over and play dead with Arcadia's current, sickly debt.