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  • josephfrombach josephfrombach Apr 5, 2012 4:23 PM Flag

    So joseph...

    Saib..I have never posted on a message board before especially one involving money/stocks. I have only one ID and you're looking at it. I have never bashed any of my posts. I am telling you that the constant messages from a select few on this board are suspect to me regards nothing they say pans out, thus far. I am NOT telling people to sell KADR. Hold tight and buy only on the dips if you can afford to do so. I fear that constant pressure from multiple ID DD posts would push people to take a leap. Keep what you have and only buy on big dips. I am not Zoom, Zorn, Dallas or anyone else but the ID you see now. If and when this thing explodes or crawls up day to day to a respectable profit to all then, if they will accept it, I'll offer a big apology to those I have offended. Until then I will continue to have confidence in KADR but not in those pumping although I must say it is amusing and I am not angry about any of this...KADR long believe it...