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  • justinfosteristheman justinfosteristheman Apr 11, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    IMHO, there is more to the strategy of Vicis since their influence in stock selling, considering the condition of the company, might imply they are getting out before it is worth nothing if they sold all their shares. They very possably may be using this storm to profit. Here is how:

    If vicis sells all their stock, most longs that are left that have stock holding panic sell as they are selling and the price even goes down further. Just remember, someone out there has been buying all those shares. Anyway, so Vicis sell the stock and files they have sold with SEC. They have a set point where they turn and start buying it back at the depressed price! The one thing people are forgetting here is that if they are playing for a PR down the road or the q1 financials, then they now would not be subject to a blackout since they are under the 10%. So, they depress the stock, and turn around and slowly buy it back headed towards some specific date they have set as a target to then have to file that they have purchased back over the 10% again. So, maybe they set that, the filing causes stock appreciation, then a pr of the restructure and approval of a new credit agreement shortly after that causes more stock appreciation and then finally the pr of the 10q with a profit causes even more appreciation! We will see if I am right or wrong over the next few weeks, but pr seems to come in droves IMHO and that would be a well planned orchestration to allow them to gobble up tons of the companys stock prior and then when it is starting to rise as the PRs are released. Could be wrong though, but agian Im just looking at the players and the whole situation.