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  • coldhardfaccts coldhardfaccts Apr 28, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    Seriously, going private with $1-$2 share price?

    is that the best you pumpers could come up with? then you claim the bashers are on the front lines of the conspiracy to get you to sell? so all the posts from longs on ihub saying they were going to sue kadr, the quotes from sec filings made by the company saying dont trade the stock and they consider the shares worthless, the quotes from press releases made by the company saying when the services segment is sold kadr is out of business, are all nothing but fodder for bashers to drive the stock down?

    you idiots were warned by the company since november of 2011 but you refused to listen and now its too late. you made your bed by making the decision to hold and now youre going to have to lay it. if you held just in defiance of the so called bashers then that is just plain ignorant. most of you that claim to still hold already sold so enough with the lies. its over.


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    • When I say actions speak louder then words, it has nothing to do at all with the bashers period. It has to do with the company.

    • dfhgeefefw at this point anything is possible we can be played on both sides Long and short I hope justin and steve and all the longs are real and the bashers are real just saying!

    • Haha you're being a bit too paranoid. Are they going to go to Yahoo and ask for the real life identities and info on the message board aliases?

    • I am going to remember this post Cold. And Steve, we need to research the heck out of that Goodhall company and their correlation here because through their actions they basically have implied by the strong response that there is something there to find out related to what is going on here with Arcadia.

      This post also really puts in perspective how low bashers will sink on this board. Honestly guys(longs) all this ramp up, the additional ids, the manipulation and deletion of steves posts and ID tends to make me think that we truely are very close with this due date. But Cold, new person out of nowhere as usual acting like you are an expert on the stock, companies that are done for do not post hundreds and possibly thousands of jobs. Show me an example of that pre BK discharge Cold? Never seen it before because it does not happen since companies who are out of money dont hire a bunch of people period. There are so many things outside of the PRs pointing to something different here posative happening. My personal favorite is all the insiders on the BOD and execs(including Richardson and Goodhall) who have not sold their stock. You would think Richardson and Goodhall would have dumped it for something once they left right?

      Ultimately though, the more you guys push Cold adding more ids, getting more negative with different angles, the more you are shooting yourself in the foot because it makes obvious, because we all know how bashing works, that you actually believe strongly the other way posative on the stock. It is very simple. When there is really no reason to discuss why a stock sucks all the time over and over if you are out or even in long(no point to it), there is a reason if you believe the stock is going to go up in the near future or you are driving it down for you to short the stock. You have a lot of seasoned longs here who will not budge. So you are really wasting your time unfortunately. That is how the game works because in regards to pretty much every long posting here, you will lose and I have some satifaction in that as well as others on this board Steve, Sticky, Susan, Onetime, Pallfron, and many others who post here on a regular basis. I am sure it makes you mad though that however many ids you create, and however far you push that price down, or sit and 24/7 bash, you can not shake us. So, in the end because we have seen this MO before so many times, you will lose in relation to all our shares combined. Which, I am guessing, is a significant amount.

    • coldhardfac Ok that was dumb are you all there?

    • 13 NEW JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPEEE!!!KADR TO DA MOON!!!!!!!!!!$5 A SHARE BY NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!! YOURE GONNA BE RICH!!!!!!! BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!![lmfao!]

      then explain why kadr is FLAT BROKE!

      DA FACTS

    • You were the one who said let's discusses kadr so answer the question, Over 13 new jobs just in Apr 28, 2012 plus why are you here if there is no value in kadr?

    • good! go ahead and "LOAD THE BOAT" buying shares monday morning.[all sarcasm intended]

      got anything to discuss relevant like filings or pr's other than the same stupid questions asking why am i here over and over and over again?

      DA FACTS

    • NO ANSWER!
      COME ON MAN DON'T WASTE TIME, ANSWER!Over 13 new jobs just in Apr 28, 2012

    • What about this Apr 28, 2012 all new jobs!

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