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  • susanrnorgan86 susanrnorgan86 Jul 20, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    It didn't take long, steve!

    When steve_vajs recently began posting on the Walgreens and CVS NYSE message boards, it didn't take long for all the real posters to leave town. Now there is nothing but garbage, taunts and spam on both boards, kind of like what steve accomplished on this board. The guy is like CANCER, only worse because he apparently "spreads" faster.

    At least one good thing happened. They started calling him "steve_vaginitis" on the CVS message board. LOL! That's both funny and totally truthfuil because steve is a pain in the_ #$%$.

    LOL. LOL. LOL.

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    • Susan, the market will always give you another chance.
      I hope you learned a lot from KADR. It could be worth a
      lot to you in the future, especially if you are young.


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      • Hey, biff, glad to see a few souls are still around here, on occasion. Arcadia should have taught a LOT of people some lessons in investing, and I think it did for some of them. Many of the former, virulent posters like justinfoster and sticky.stock have either disappeared or changed out to new identities and a fresh start after this Arcadia "embarrassment."

        Now its just "steve_vaginitis" vainly trying to salve his enormous ego by posting rubbish on blue chip stock boards and trying to flaunt his self-important persona while everyone laughs at him.

        Hey, good luck and have a great Summer!