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  • djlresearch djlresearch Oct 22, 2012 3:37 PM Flag

    Cerberus front-runner to buy Supervalu


    This is good news. For Chicago. Cerberus does not run grocery stores to improve sales. But rather to make money on the expense site, the real estate, to sell stores, or to close stores. Occasionally they will actually buy an old store and reopen it. But only when there is huge growth going on. If they now have the Minneapolis Cubs, that might take them out of the running for Rainbow unless the only bought maybe 10-12 stores - unless the new Romney administration rubber stamps some deals for them. I think I know this company pretty well. Yes they have a lot of dog stores that will not survive, but they also have a lot of locations that are so good those stores will make money if a group of monkeys and 6th graders were running the company. There are a lot of safety nets in places. I said a long time ago Bob will not let Chicago fail. This is his destiny and dream. At some point Wisconsin and Minnesota will be discarded. They will no longer be useful and provide the capital needed for Chicago. That day might be coming sooner than later. There are buyers lined up to buy stores in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, and the DC. The economy is booming and real unemployment is near zero. Despite the Republican's dislike for the company, I'm sure the next owners will get Republican support. I trust management's good judgment they will sell assets as needed to pay dividends, debt, and provide cap ex for Chicago.

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