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  • djlresearch djlresearch Jan 4, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Insider buying, inside information


    I sometimes wonder why the insiders are buying. Kind of like a big Packers fan that always bets the team will win. I'm sure they are seeing some improvement in numbers and some encouraging results in some areas. But also keep in mind the dollars they are buying with are actually small amounts to them. These are millionaires. Buying $100k worth of stock means nothing to them. Sometimes its for show. "Look at me, I'm buying stock, I must know some inside secret!" I've seen similar amounts bet on a Kentucky Derby superfecta, and believe me, the only inside knowledge there was Mark Belling's opinion. BTW - we won. But thats not the point. And insider buying stock is like me making a $1000 wager on a horse race. Should someone bet on that race just because I bet $1000? Of course not. Sometimes inside information is worthless. Do the insiders really know just how many new Meijer stores are planned? How many more Walmarts are planned that have not been announced? I've been on the inside and I can tell you that denial is often the main theme of a strategy meeting. "oh that Walmart, they won't come here, we are just too strong." "If we get in first, and are priced right, Meijer will back down." "Hy-Vee will never come to Wisconsin, the unions will scare them away" Football players used to be so confident in themselves they would make wagers they would win. Thats great right? Then after they bet they find out that a key player can no longer hide his injury and now the bet doesn't look so smart. Then there is always the double cross. Sometimes a person does not buy stock because its a good investment. I've actually done it because I was able to buy a small amount of a lightly traded stock and personally increase the price by 20% with my trade. It could just be one retirement account selling to another retirement account. Then people see the price rise 20%, assume something is happening, try to jump in and buy, and I sell them stock at a 20% premium. Then the price goes back down. Sometimes inside buying is just for show, using small trades to give the impression something is happening. NO, it isnt' but if the insiders start buying stock worth millions, then you know they are serious. But $100k is a petty small amount.

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    • Your post mentioned Mark Belling. Wonder what his opinion is on Roundy's. Has Mark ever commented on this company,be it positive or negative. I often listen to his afternoon show and have never heard him comment on Roundy's. I do remember him having an opinion on Pabst farms.That was a couple of years ago. Just wondering.....