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  • firstcltrlvr firstcltrlvr Jun 28, 2013 7:01 AM Flag



    Today is a special day for me, as I celebrate passing my probationary period with a competitor of yours. Thank You for all the training on your dime to excel elsewhere. I resigned from Mariano's as a level 3 in meat and seafood 3/20/13 over a dispute over a $0.50 increase in compensation. I began working in meat and seafood at a competitor on 3/28/13. EIGHT days and I was on the floor!! I'm now a seafood specialist, doing all my own ordering, with a seafood cooler that's pristine. Remember what a pain in the #$%$ I was at Mariano's, when it came to sanitation and cross contamination? I also shrink out the meat bunkers daily with the scanner (Symbol), leaving only the top quality meats for our customers. I was also chosen to open our new super center store in July. Management apparently likes and trusts my abilities. I'm even getting raises!! Thank You again Mariano's, for making all of this possible.

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    • THANK YOU for leaving Mariano's!!! The stock has soared since your departure - please, stay away.

    • I thought that this was just going after an old employer for a bad situation until this morning. I was doing my shopping at Woodman's and overheard a conversation between an out of stater, asking a produce stocker about his job/benefits. The young man had nothing but praise for Woodman's. great health care/retirement/bennies/etc. I joked "not like Roundy's eh?". The invective, words and curses (to be honest, being corps, the kid used a few I had never heard before! Quite imaginative). Apparently he moved from Roundy's to Woodman's. quite the eye opener.