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  • firstcltrlvr firstcltrlvr Jul 9, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    ROUNDY'S Still The Ugly Girl At The Dance

    Kroger announced the purchase of Harris Teeter for $2.5B in CASH. Second time in a couple months Roundy's was not chosen as a dance partner. Why Chairman Bob, and Darin don't you just pull a Carl Icahn, and break up Roundy's into pieces?? Separating Mariano's from Roundy's is a MUST!! Roundy's shareholders won't like the move, however did Carl ever give a darn about shareholders? Mariano's is your cash cow, it's a great business model. You still have to get the right store management in place, however that will come with time. ROUNDY'S is your ball and chain. Maximize what Mariano's has to bring to your top and bottom line.

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    • They will but not because you told them too. Harris Teeter is like us about 3-4 years ago. Declining sales per sq ft, new competitors moving in, lots debt. One difference is HT is not getting the double slap with Meijer. They have already had to deal with Walmart and now Publix is coming in. Similar to us dealing with HyVee. But have Meijer and they don't. Kroger won't hurt HT and Kroger won't help them. I think Kroger will milk them like they with with Smith's out in the mountain states.

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      • I was in Mariano's, Vernon Hills on Friday. The store seems to have lost it's sparkling pinache it once had. The Ahi Tuna placed in the front row of the seafood case seemed dry, and browning, of what should have been a moist, burgandy color display of the Ahi steak. I presume it was placed in the front row, because the seafood specialist saw the same thing I did, and knew the Ahi had to be sold Friday, or be shrunk out Saturday. I would bet the latter occured. So many key employees are gone and continue to leave. A good employee from the bakery told me she had given notice and was leaving. Volume was not as I recalled for a Friday afternoon. I went to the Deli, and recognized two employees. A woman customer, attractive, late 30's started a conversation with me. She stated: "It's rare to get customer service from the same employees, for very long." To be truthfull, I was surprised by what I remember of the Vernon Hills, Mariano's, and the Mariano's I saw Friday.

      • Kroger will get costs down at HT. I will be curious to see what happens in the DC suburbs that HT has been creeping into. Kroger historically has not done well with urban stores.

        Kroger has milked Smiths by investing little in the stores (most of which are owned...), but Smiths has always focused on price and as a result but Smiths has sent many poor conventional competitors packing. I also believe Smiths has higher sales per square foot than any of its conventional competitors in Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. The other thing Kroger has done is provide the resources to operate certain (most of their locations are lower middle class and merchandised and priced appropriately) Smiths in "better" areas of Salt Lake, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, and Reno to run upscale delis with a bunch of Boar's Head and large olive bars, in store sushi (leased out), upscale bakeries with better breads, upgraded produce areas with far more specialty produce than any conventional...

        And 10 years ago Smiths was worse than a current day Pick N Save: dirty stores, pricing "just below" other conventionals, inedible bakery/deli, often out of stock on sale items, awful marketing, terrible customer service often with long checkout lines and surly staff; execution was terrible. They have improved everything. significantly.

      • Saw an interesting road sign today. Apparently the road (port washington) in Grafton that goes by the Meijer to be built there is being shut down next week for four months of upgrades. Probably will have some minor effect on the Mequon Metro Market, making it harder to get to, but the fact that such upgrades are being done making it easy to approach Meijer's from the south..... Of course, stopping in the metro this morning for the first time in ages, the lack of check out clerks and deli staff was obvious. Ended up going to the pig for a staffed deli and Sendiks for a staffed cheese area for questions. A shame because the origional manager of the cheese section at Metro when they opened was awesome and very helpful.

        I sorta miss Harris Teeter from when I had the misfortune of living in SC. At the time better than average quality produce, and stocked some items I loved that are rare to be found in the Midwest.
        Until publix hit the area they were the best for quality. Bi-lo was "meh" and the non-corporate store was caught several times relabeling expiration dates. The Food Lion was always sub-par and dirty but had the best prices.

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