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    I did the research for every employee still at Mariano's crying about working for Mariano's. It's WORSE on the outside. I've been gone for over 4 months. I went to a competitor of Mariano's. I was promised PT at 24/hrs a week. It was all very nice for the first couple weeks, then BAM. They saw my experience level, which is a level 3 in meat and seafood, and now I work like a dog. I'm working 1 to 9:30, which entails closing the cutting room........ALONE. From 1 till 6 I work high customer volume, fill, the bunkers, fill the freezers, shrink out the throwaways, and do price markdowns. From 6 till 9:30 I start my (second) job of closing the cutting room by myself. The cutting room is similar to #8501 Arlington Heights, minus the sausage maker. YES...I'm tryng to get re-hired by Mariano's. So if you think your life will improve by leaving Maiano's, your going to be sorely dissapointed.

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