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  • lars123 Jan 6, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    Mariano in Arlington Heights, Northwest Highway

    At the Arlington Heights, IL store this past Saturday at 1pm.

    Parking lot was full, cars going around in circles trying to find a spot.

    Long check out lines but the actual wait time was short.

    Keep building these Mariano stores.

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    • We too have shopped the AH Mariano since it opened. Totally agree about parking lot ... all the time ... any day. Our downtown Jewel went through a quick facelift because it "was dead" after the M opening. So now a new store opened on Rand Road... Ultra Foods. I believe it is a Centrella outlet. Their "loss leaders" are untouchable. Will be interesting this Summer when regular pricing kicks in. Wife and I think the Ultra Foods are targeting Aldi and Jewel shoppers... not Marianno.

      We are ready to make our initial purchase of RNDY. Is this a good point to enter or is there more downside ? Is dividend stable ? Comments appreciated.

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    • That's MY Mariano's as well :) I am back to Jewel on AH road and Golf, Was a Ghost Town, but is coming back and so am I ........... I sold RNDY when they cut the Div, and am happy with the profit I made and will Not reinvest in RNDY at its Current price which is Quite High

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      • This is where I grew up years ago. I went in on a week day during the day when visiting a dying ex- girlfriend due to cancer. The lot seemed no more full than any other groceries I went past. Now you all know I want an H-Mart in Milwaukee, but it startled me that she wanted to go out of our way to H-mart, Assi to get fresh fish and produce. (niles). Her opinion (as well as mine) of Mitsuwa was that they were very expensive but good quality. (not well known place is just a couple of blocks south from Mitsuwa and for the same packaged products is 24%-50% cheaper. Sorry that Klem's nursery left that Mitsuwa's space, and that the prior Japanese owner went under.