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  • sci_encefiction sci_encefiction Aug 23, 2011 4:56 PM Flag

    Chatham Uncertainty

    " My concern is that the market will deteriorate even further. But, I remain bullish in the long-term due to the assets of Chatham and the strong management that exists. "
    groaning...keep paddling..we're in the same

    I picked up shares under 10.00 but my break even is in the 14's.
    I will buy more shs with the divs when they come.

    Ya think they want to renegotiate the deal lower?

    I know that the next quarter or two's results are key to growing the share price and dividends.
    I am surprised that no insider buying has occurred at these fire sale prices.
    I'm guessing (wishing) that there is an announcement coming that inside buying would've broken the rules.

    Will Cldt lose their 2 mil deposit on Innkeepers?

    Hang in there

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    • I do recall the hint about increasing the dividend. It would be nice and it might even raise the share price.

      Your probably right about the insider trading issue. I am not up to speed on the rules, but I would imagine that management is waiting on sidelines for a nice piece of the undervalued pie.

      From my understanding of the contract and the way it was written, the MAC clause is pretty broad. This broadness will give Cerberus/Chatham negotiating power. Does this mean they will be successful in lowering the price of the deal? The further down the road we go I am sure that creditors are beginning to itch more and more for any type of return on their investment in Innkeepers.

      This gives them a lot of power to maneuver through negotiations. Now, I doubt they will get a much lower price, but even a mid-to-upper single digit % decrease in the overall purchase price would really be nice for both Cerberus and Chatham.

      In any case, I would imagine that the lawyers are pouring over the paperwork right now. Innkeepers has to find a buyer or somehow escape bankruptcy. However, finding the credit for such a transaction with the market the way it is might be the hardest part.

      We shall see what we shall see...

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