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  • The_RJ_Man1 The_RJ_Man1 Mar 4, 2010 3:28 PM Flag

    PIPE must be arrive before midnight tonight

    or it won't be early and Tobin will have been wrong again. he made a strong statement that the pipe would be early and i respected that. but someone that makes strong statements that frequently turn out to be wrong can't be trusted.

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    • Nutz is a good poster. Just don't piss him off!

    • Great post Nuts. It's always good to keep things in perspective and remember the people that we love.


    • With all due respect, hysterical, he's not the "schmuch" - you are, you'll forgive my 'french' or my 'yiddish', which is the real language origin of the word "schmuch" - a fact which I doubt you actually knew.

      If your life rises and/or falls - lives and/or dies - with the result of the 3/5 confirmation - or lack thereof - of PIPE FUNDING for CHTL, then you truly need to get a new life - or at least a new perspective on the one you have.

      As a cancer survivor (so far), I can assure you that life doesn't revolve around this (CHTL) issue - your opinion notwithstanding.

      You seem to anguish virtually every hour - or is it 1/2 hour - over this PIPE. Get a kayak and go out on a river, like klac apparently does. Or get a wife and affirm your relationship, like men do...or go invest in another penny stock, and belabor another msg board, as you seem to enjoy doing on this one, in a bitter-sweet manner...

      Money ain't life. It sure can help make life more enjoyable and more pleasant, but it won't replace relationships with wife, children, the pursuit of hobbies, health, etc...

      Hysterical, you seem to have no 'grounding' at all. So take a long breath, look at yourself hard in the mirror - at yourself - not your schizophrenic twin - and either resign yourself to the timetable for CHTL's PIPE FUNDING announcement on their terms - or sell your shares...

      but stop convoluting yourself into knots.

      Do you remember the story of the gordian knot, and Alexander the Great? How did he solve the gordian knot? He quite simply cut it...

    • Time to change that diaper, son. I am glad you switched to pull ups, big boy.

    • i'm sure there will some b.s. that the actual process started early or they thought about doing it early or they.....

      his integrity with me tanked after he cleary stated in no uncertain terms that the 2/15 payment was already in the barn