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  • ne.mcallister ne.mcallister Apr 3, 2010 11:22 AM Flag

    RJ man is right

    RJ got it right; I am real. I have never posted on yahoo under an id other than ne.mcallister and I have never posted on FB under an id other than Nancy Davis McAllister. It's hilarious that some of you are so paranoid that you think I'm a paid pumper with multiple ids.

    When I posted info about the swift, it was a direct quote from Tobin and I posted the information as having come from him, not me. Please recall, at that point in time, everyone hung on every word Tobin said and many of us were trying to share his FB posts with the people on the Yahoo board.

    Even though I rarely post here now, you continue to come after me because I try to see the positive aspects of my CHTL investment. You hate that I haven't jumped on the Tobin bashing band wagoon with you.

    My personal belief is that Tobin gave us the facts he believed to be true at the time he shared them with us. His mistake was in sharing something before it had actually come to fruition. What would Tobin have to gain be telling people the swift was in hand when it wasn't? Nothing. However, his credibility did take a major blow.

    I think many of you sold and suffered losses. You would prefer that CHTL be taken down, such that you feel good about your decision to sell in the .50s range. You fear that CHTL will get its funding and you'll be left behind with nothing but your frivolous lawsuits.

    I cannot buy into the "scam" theory because there is no way possible that CHTL management or Tobin could have benefited financially under such theory. It all comes down to the money folks. Neither management, nor Tobin, could have made money on the precipitous fall of CHTL's stock. So, think about who could have benefited by the massive drop in CHTL's share price. I have a theory and all the pieces fit. However, it's utterly pointless for me to share it in this venue.

    Mike Bama/Jack - I sent you what I thought was a kind message on FB because I geniunely felt bad about your job situation and I thought your decision to cash out your entire interest in CHTL may have been rash. You, of course, read into my message that I was trying to pump CHTL to you. I'm glad you posted my entire message because it speaks for itself. The old adage is true that no good deed goes unpunished. You are one nasty person.


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    • For gods sake use ignore

    • Hi NEM,

      I believe many (including me) have doubts about TS since he has provided many upbeat infos about CHTL and everything about CHTL has fallen apart piece by piece. TS has told us that he has so much shares in CHTL. But having so much shares in CHTL does not mean substantial investment if he has gotten those shares for free or discount due to his service/involvement with CHTL or extremely low price. What I'm interested is that TS will provide us concrete proof of his stock transactions in CHTL and current CHTL holding. Please pass this request to him. I believe if TS can show us that he will have substantial loss in actual $ not reputation if CHTL does not do well, it will take away some angers over his optmisim in CHTL.

    • Nancy,

      Don't let these guys get to you. I share your optimism, although it's getting more difficult to see the upside. I do not believe this is a scam. I do believe that the complexity of the deals is higher than Tobin Smith has represented. I don't see this as intentional. He seems to have over-dosed on the CHTL koolaid, even more than most of us. I got into this stock on Tobin's rec and I still love the story. He never suggested that this would be easy or fast. His original timeline was 12-18 months to see a price in the $7-$10 range. This is still possible.

      Stay positive when no one else is and believe in your DD and gut. I played my gut last year on HGSI at .49 to 1.20. This became one of the best stock plays of 2009 and the best of my life. The bashers and wall street were negative on their chances, but I stayed the course and was patient. It trades between $30-32 today. Patience pays! A solid business model and strong management helps. I could be wrong, but what I've heard from GA... I like.

      I'm still optimistic and hope they can put this funding stuff behind them, so we can start to see the low cost model play-out.

    • Yes this is a good post. Thank you.

    • RJ..Regarding Tobin..It's called conflict of interest...

      Regarding Nem, she is getting what she deserves..How many times did she say that I had multiple aliases..The shoe is on the other foot.

      Regarding me..No, it's not all about me...Funny, all the attention I did get, when all I said was that the funding did not make sense.... and you all thought that was whining...
      We seem to all be on the same page now...

    • "Tobin gave us the facts he believed to be true at the time he shared them with us. His mistake was in sharing something before it had actually come to fruition."

      you're wrong nem. if tobin is on the up and up, his mistake was stating what he believed to be true as though he KNEW that it was true. and there are many reasons that this "error", if it was one, was so inexcusable. one of the reasons is because if he is half the expert that he claims to be he should have known better than to do such a thing.

    • I hope she is not directing this message at me...but alas..Nem will defend Tobin to the end. I hope this isn't the end..

    • pdidgood Apr 3, 2010 12:42 PM Flag


      Nice effort NEM. Total bullsht from you again. So now Tobin is the dumbest ahole who ever lived and you just bought into whatever he said.

      You also posted that you had a law degree. We're now watching the "we were all deceived" stage of the scam and as usual, you're playing your part.

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      • Yeah, the damsel in distress routine. A naive attorney? The casting director was a little off on this one.

        I get the impression that this is some guy's view of how to play a woman on Yahoo. What was the movie where Jack Nicholson was asked how he writes women so well in his books, and he replies with "I imagine a man, and then I take away logic and accountability." Well, that's what we have here, except in a crude way.

    • NEM, you nailed it to the wall.
      There has been hacking and vicious attack from mike who may be behind more of this then we currently know.
      I warned you about sharing too much and it was I who was deactivated, twice as well as the bashing here and invasion of my accounts. Yhoo is looking into it.
      Have a Happy Easter and tighten up the security. There is a real whack job loose here and on the other sites.

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