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    China Tel Hell

    So let me get this straight. issac shorts CHTL and makes 3 million and then deposits the money with CHTL. Tobin Smith and his merry band of thieves, short CHTL stock and are now putting together an investment group to fund CHTL, with the moniues stoler from investors. CHTL will not list on the NASDQ because they can't meet the criteria. CHTL will now be passing all information alonf to shareholders through twitter and facebook, to escape regulation. Tobin blocks all shareholders who have questions about Chinatel and are concerned about their investments, however, due to the fact they have an unfavorable opinion of the behing the scenes dealings of Chinatel, or feel that there may be a violation of both SEC and criminal law, our voices will not be heard. This is F'in criminal.

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    • Maybe it's because of the wild assertations your little group has come up with, that he won't respond. The 3 million funding came from them shorting the stock? I'd like to hear more. By the way, your spelling still is at a third grade level.

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      • Cunno, I don't give a shit spelled correctly about you or my spelling. Your nothing but trash from Costa Mesa. There is absolutely no proof that issac shorted CHTL. That is nothing more then a guess on my part. It seems to be as likely a scenario as any though. As for CHTL being listed on NASDQ, why not ask the all mighty Tobin Smith about plans for listing or KSA if they are still involved.
        As for my little group, Cunno you scumbag POS, I belong to no little group other then other CHTL investors who are currently underwater on this POS stock. Kindly put me on ignore so that you don't have to be upset with my spelling.

    • rothco, where did you get that Isaac shorted CHTL? Please post link or evidence.

      Why are you saying that CHTL cannot, ever, meet the criteria to be listed on Nasdaq?

      Why does CHTL escape regulation when posting on their own webpage, FB or twitter sites? If regulation requires them to file, by posting elsewhere they are not escaping regulation. They are simply not complying and should face whatever legal or regulatory consequences should arise.