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  • rothco619 rothco619 May 24, 2010 3:16 PM Flag

    China Tel Hell

    I did not make anything up I proposed a scenario that seems like it could in fact have merit. that is more then any of you have provided. You have been quick with your answers yet not once have you provided a reasonable explanation, or provided facts or reasonable comment as to the possibility that something here is not kosher. perhaps the types of investments that you choose to make are always rank with the stink of impropriety as CHTL tends to be. as for Costa Mesa, deal with your border, issues and your broken state. at least here is Joisy as cuunilingus so aptly likes to refer, we have a gov, that is attemting to correct the financial issues in our state so that we don't become the welfare state that California has become. When your ready to post something intelligent please do so, as of yet although your spelling is perfect and you most probably have perfect penmanship as a result of your catholic school upbringing. When your ready to post something other then just blind loyalty, i'd welcome your opinion . kindly just place me on ignore as you will surely be much happier. In closing if you are looking for sugar,spice and everything nice, simply go to tobin's face book page.

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    • How did you know I went to Catholic school? This is weird. I did and it was in New York. The Nuns slapped me every day. I was a real peach. LOL P.S. California's only 20 BILLION in debt. and half Illegal aliens..... Where's the problem? I still like it better than JOIZEY. Joizey has it's own problems, if u know what I mean. PS...Is it too late for us to be friends? Goooo Nets.