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  • michaelstl Aug 31, 2010 11:38 AM Flag

    Rodman Renshaw Conference

    I noticed that Chtl will be presenting at the Sept. 13 conference: in addition to other China plays. Now is probably the best time to load up on Chtl. I think that the company is on the right track and it looks awful cheap considering future prospects.

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    • Please don't apologize for that piece of garbage Rothco. That SOB, has way too much free time...we have learned patience....

    • pdidgood Sep 17, 2010 2:45 PM Flag

      Tone it down? Why? Ramp it up. It's more fun than wathching CHTL rot.

    • All right. Like I said a few posts ago; the company is weak....and the stock price reflects it. I do think that makes for a good buying opportunity. A month or so ago PD said he thought the pps would go down to .20 and I said I thought it would go up to .40. I made a good % gain. (sorry PD). Without the funding they were trying to get, things are going slower. That being said, all this crap about GA and TS that PD says are probably not true. I think he has an agenda that may be different than yours. You and PD are mixing speculation with hyperbolae and come out with something that I'm not buying. It could be true. I really don't know, but it is so one-sided that it just becomes unbelievable. I have a friend whose family works for them and they are pretty positive about the company. Unfortunately, I am never privy to any information. Probably since I don't own as many shares as most of you guys I am not as bothered by the share price as much and how slow things are going. I do know that something like this is not going to get built out, get up and running and start being profitable overnight. At least we agree on one thing...."Jerzy Shore" totally sucks. As far as "bringing this on myself"....if I remember correctly, my first post suggested that maybe the pps was negatively affected by Longmoebs and PD by posting literally thousands of negative posts. You fired back by saying I didn't sound "my age" and other personal attacks. I'll try to tone it down. If not for us, for the other posters. XXXOOOXXX

    • Cunno you bring this on yourself. You seem t be so focused on spelling rather then content and make such a fool of yourself with the idiocy you post. Do you show your children the mindless trash you post. Difference between you and I is your full of sh t and i am not. Dueling with you is like duelong with an unarmed man. You should just stfu and focus on content. The Jersey sh.. is mindless and old. Obviously you have never traveled east and visited the garden state or you wouldn"t post what you say. As far as coming to Ca, am there way too often for business and fortunately the people i deal with who live in Ca are nothing like you.
      Problem with you is you don't want the truth because you can"t handle it. I will tell you what though, how about trying to post a factual, sensible post as to why you are satisfied with the performance of CHTL since you have owned the stock and why you are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt which you claim to be that all of us who are way down on this should load up the truck, throw caution to the wind and buy at these levels. Explain to us all, what you see and the majority of us are missing. Think you can do that. I don't even care if you make a typo or two and i could give a crap about your spelling. How about some substance. I have never watched jersey shore as it is a mindless show which is why I guess you enjoy it so mch. Funny thing is did you realize that nobody on that show is from Jersey.

    • pdidgood Sep 16, 2010 5:07 PM Flag

      Speaking of TACOs. What happened to Issey's Form 4 Golden Goose?

    • How do I respond to a mindless, rascist Joizey style profanity laced rant like that. It's not so much that you're an idiot, but it's that you try to come across as a BIG CHEESE. "I went to Alaska", "I got to meet one of the Eagles", "I have a boat and go to the Joizey Shore"....."you eat tacos"...."you live in a trailer." I show your stupid, self edifying rants to my kid and his friends sometimes and they wonder why a guy like you is even involved with discussing securities on a stock message board. They did say to just watch an episode of the Joisey Shore and I would fully understand. Do yourself a favor, punk, and don't ever come out to California. You wouldn't last long.

    • So after all this time your "contact" has reported that the "company exists" and how much the subscription price is. One phone call would have settled that. By the way, I was reading some "journals" from my girlfriends 2nd grade class. Guess what retard....every one spelled better than you. HINT: get "spellcheck." If you do that and stop swearing, people won't guess that you're an ignoramous from Joizey.

    • Cunno you stupi fk. If you read the message board i posted an update a week ago. it is under the heading CHTL update. Thanks for being the a hole that you are. LOL

    • pdidgood Sep 15, 2010 4:02 PM Flag

      Took You long enough to get it bro.

    • Dandi....since you're not me and I'm on "├»gnore", ask him about whether his "contact" in China has dug up any new info. I've been waiting on pins and needles for that. LOL

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