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  • bermudalizard bermudalizard Dec 13, 2010 7:42 PM Flag


    NBT Equity Research Update: Dec 13 2010.

    ChinaTel Group, Inc. CEO George Alvarez and I just left contract signing with Jeffrey Fu--CEO of Golden-Bridge Netcom Communications Co., Ltd and he authorized me to share the following--the MOU has tonight in Shanghai been signed into a complete new 4G wireless broadband network development and operation joint venture.

    ChinaTel Group will 8k detailing the entire deal asap...but I can share a quick synopsis.

    Jeffrey Fu's company Golden Bridge (GBNC) is one of 5 companies in China to own a nationwide ISP licenses which is contributed into the new ChinaTel/Golden-Bridge 4G network...others are China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and CHTL's their OTHER network development partner CECT-Chinacomm. This national ISP license is crucial to ChinaTel Group's strategy in China--more to come.

    Mr. Fu shared with me that the first nine cities is just the beginning of his vision for the ChinaTel/Golden-Bridge 4G Network--his firm is entitled to file for literally 100+ additional cities from the China MIIT agency for additions to this network. This man knows telco strategy in China down cold..and is extremely well connected in all aspects of China government and regulatory agencies.

    Mr. Fu told me in our meeting something I found very telling "I had the choice of doing this partnership with major telecom companies including KT--Korea Telecom. I chose ChinaTel Group because of George Alvarez and Colin Tay--I trust them and I they and ChinaTel are the best choice for my company to build our vision of the largest 3.5Ghz 4G network in China. We hope to reach over 1 billion population in China with our new partners."

    ChinaTel Group with its 51% control of the new company has funded from the Isaac Stock Purchase agreement the initial $5M deposit and additional equity funds to meet 100% of the equity component of this first nine cities--$20M in total.

    ZTE as per all the ChinaTel Group projects supplies 85% financing on the entire network. 9 cities up to literally unlimited amount of cities. Additional operating bridge financing from ZTE's $10B bank credit line relationships.

    ChinaTel's new fiber optic company--named Sino Crossing--supplies the fiber optic backbone for the network. This is a huge part of the deal and we will have to change our revenue and EBITDA margin forecasts for Sino Crossing to reflect this and other major aspects of Sino Crossing we learned during these marathon meetings.

    Mr. Fu's company is already handing backoffice/networking for China Mobile and China Unicom over its existing WiMax network..that business stays with GBNC. But the relationships with China Mobile and China Unicom are crucial for what we expect to be significant wholesale capacity deals for the Golden-Bridge Network and for Sino Crossing interconnect agreements.

    There is a TON more...but it's 3am and this deal has taken since last Wednesday to conclude. Congratulations to George Alvarez and Colin Tay and the entire CHTL team for concluding this game-changing deal.

    BTW---the economics of the network are better than the numbers ChinaTel Group has forecast for the Chinacomm Network according to Mr. Fu--the cities in the new Golden-Bridge network are significantly LESS penetrated with avg. 29% of population currently using Internet in China. In other words MORE opportunity for market share growth AND higher ARPU--average revenue per user. ALSO this new network has ability to sell REAL mobile wireless broadband to a number of Chinese cable companies as a "triple play" add-on.

    8-K announcement and the contract will be incredibly bullish for ChinaTel Group consolidated revenues starting in 2011--and will significantly impact the revenue of the new Sino Crossing fiber optic network as noted.

    On a personal note: OK CHTL bashers--what have you got to say now?

    Tobin Smith
    Founder & Chief Research Officer
    NBT Equity Research

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    • so bermuda, did you post my reply to this drivel on Tobins FB page. Thought not. Your just another dishonest pumper like Boardroom, russian and the rest of you lying Tobin Smith a** kissers.

    • Weel Mr. Fu choose CHTL because he obviously wants to team with Alvzrez Tay and Smith because he is as big a crook as Smith. I see the impact this has had on PPS. I especially laugh at Smith's rhetorical question as to what CHTL nay sayers have to say, because we can't reply because he has banned us from Facebook, because he does not want to deal with our questions. We are not bashers, just merely out to warn others of this scam. Come on MR Smith if you have any balls what so ever , which I doubt open up your facebook page for open dialogue. This is still America, although your FB page is only for those who see things as you do, so how about put up or shut up. Bermuda as you had to post this as TS would not post onYahoo, how about cut and paste this reply and put it on his FB page. I dare you.

    • jsjcoley Dec 13, 2010 10:06 PM Flag

      How many times has this clown talked about increased revenue. LOL! Really just wish he would keep his mouth shut. Now we know why we had the increased volume and TINY run up. Tobin whispered this news to a new group of suckers before the hype job commenced.

    • A new Tobin butt boy? Since you are carrying his water, please tell Tobin many of us who have shares would appreciate him keeping his mouth shut so CHTL might have a chance to succeed.

    • This thing has to be a joke! Does a man like Tobin Smith, on tv, in the public, semi well known, really say "what do u have to say now bashers?" in a research report?! Lol... Besides that you're just telling material non-public information front running an 8-k, sounds illegal?

      • 1 Reply to belikekb8
      • 1) that's a very intriguing point...obvious answer is that his EGO has been bruised by CHTL bashers...

        2) anyone else wonder about this part of the email announcement -

        "Jeffrey Fu's company Golden Bridge (GBNC) is one of 5 companies in China to own a nationwide ISP licenses which is contributed into the new ChinaTel/Golden-Bridge 4G network...others are China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and CHTL's their OTHER network development partner CECT-Chinacomm. This national ISP license is crucial to ChinaTel Group's strategy in China--more to come."

        so my question is, if CHTL already has a contract with Chinacomm - 1 of the 5 co's in China 'privledged' to own an ISP nationwide license, then why have they SIGNED A 2ND ONE - now with Golden Bridge???

        if the Chinacomm licensee is NON-performing, why will the Golden Bridge one be any better??

        and why not go with a "name" partner like China Unicom or China Mobile or China Telecom - answer - the cost of the contract - CHTL can't afford it...

        3) HOW did CHTL pay for this new contract - or even the new contract's deposit?? with another issuance of stock?? the payment was unlikely to be cash. and if no payment changed hands on the signing of the contract, where is the value for Golden Bridge in signing this contact with CHTL???

        questions, questions, questions...

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