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  • belikekb8 belikekb8 Dec 13, 2010 7:52 PM Flag


    This thing has to be a joke! Does a man like Tobin Smith, on tv, in the public, semi well known, really say "what do u have to say now bashers?" in a research report?! Lol... Besides that you're just telling material non-public information front running an 8-k, sounds illegal?

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    • 1) that's a very intriguing point...obvious answer is that his EGO has been bruised by CHTL bashers...

      2) anyone else wonder about this part of the email announcement -

      "Jeffrey Fu's company Golden Bridge (GBNC) is one of 5 companies in China to own a nationwide ISP licenses which is contributed into the new ChinaTel/Golden-Bridge 4G network...others are China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and CHTL's their OTHER network development partner CECT-Chinacomm. This national ISP license is crucial to ChinaTel Group's strategy in China--more to come."

      so my question is, if CHTL already has a contract with Chinacomm - 1 of the 5 co's in China 'privledged' to own an ISP nationwide license, then why have they SIGNED A 2ND ONE - now with Golden Bridge???

      if the Chinacomm licensee is NON-performing, why will the Golden Bridge one be any better??

      and why not go with a "name" partner like China Unicom or China Mobile or China Telecom - answer - the cost of the contract - CHTL can't afford it...

      3) HOW did CHTL pay for this new contract - or even the new contract's deposit?? with another issuance of stock?? the payment was unlikely to be cash. and if no payment changed hands on the signing of the contract, where is the value for Golden Bridge in signing this contact with CHTL???

      questions, questions, questions...