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  • spitzerman2 spitzerman2 Jul 18, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    Biggest Bungle in GP History

    Final post for all time from this seer and sage. Check my history of posts since 08 to evaluate this claim and then examine the evidence offered up. When I was fired from GP as Sales Director in April 08 I began posting. Some months prior to this I had negotiated a partnership with Tandberg’s Western Region VP to represent the Telepresence Managed Service as well as the Network Service elements for in his estimation no fewer than 20-25 Fortune 500 (mostly Fortune 200) accounts in the West that were slated to be enaged through the remainder of 08. If GP performed the Eastern Region who was using Nortel at the time would follow in the coming months. When I was fired by JL we were mired in a major cluster-F which according to the Tandberg VP was the cause of JL meddling (literally spreading untrue rumors within Tandberg upper mgmt. in NYC and botching the sales and pricing strategy which had been set by myself and this VP putting into jeopardy and dramatically compromising a current quote to Microsoft for Telepresence. Beijing, Munich, Paris, New Delhi, Tokyo, Singapore City, Istanbul, London, New York, Fort Lauderdale and Redmond WA. This bungle is easily the most blatant example of sales management that I’ve seen in my career.

    I will be happy to speak with any of you personally regarding the gorey details and trust me they will make your stomach turn. Hell, I’ll even send you a copy of the MS quote and supporting email conversations between me and JL and Tandberg.Contract value: $140k per month for 4 years or $1.68M/yr.....Easily the biggest contract in the history of GP and this was only 1 of 20-25 opportunies set for the remainder of 08. Some …Email :

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    • You are the biggest loser in GP history, no wonder you got fired. LOL.

    • Spitzerman,

      If you are willing, I have a couple questions.

      1) Do you think GP will go bankrupt or be bought out on the cheap?

      2) Management issues aside, how would you rate GP's products to other products on the market?

      3) What were the biggest obstacles in the sales pipeline when you worked at GP or maybe another way to ask this is why did management always expect sales to be better than they were?

      4) In 2008, JL was the only person on the current management team that is still around. Have you worked with any of these new people? Do any of them have the creativity to take this company to the next level?

      5) What can you tell us about VICIS Capital and what do you think they are planning for this company?

      6) Lastly, who do you think will be the big winners in the telepresence space?

      While I get your strong sell sentiment, I'm one of the bagholders in this company. I'm holding out for another 6-9 months to gauge the effect the current deals working their way into the revenue stream will have on the share price. Even though we're looking for different outcomes, whatever happens, I wish you the best.



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      • siouxalum....Hopefully you're not in too deep to crawl out gracefully.I'm not going to pretend to know the answers to most of your questions. I do think there is a much greater chance of going bankrupt than being bought on the cheap. I've always been suspicious of the CFO revolving door. What were the fundamental disagreements that caused that. Do you realize how easy it is for especially an over-the counter type small cap to cook the books these days? They gamble that they won't get caught as long as they don't go bankrupt so they gamble they won't go bankrupt. This company has become a charade/private piggy bank. The pitch to new investors sounds great to the uninformed which is what I must call VICIS since they bought into this 3-Card Monty / Shell Game on some dimly lit street corner in N New Jersey. I call it that because GP mgmt themselves are in this to keep the gravy train rolling as long as possible. I believe they know themselves the promise they pitch to investors will not be realized. If they believe it can be where is just one piece of evidence that it can. And I'm not referrering to announcements of new unnamed clients. How do you think they feel right now. Think they're not waiting for the first opportunity to bail after witnessing this mgmt performance?


    • Talk about sour grapes. You are a truly confused person. Four years have past, give it up and move on before you self inflict yourself with a sad ending.

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      • oh btw....screw that crap and final post of all time....with you as my entertainment maybe we'll have some fun on here for a change.

        Sad ending? Sounds like somebody feels a little threatened or me thinks the lady doth protest too much....

        You are a lady aren't you.... wanna meet up in Chicago on Rush St at Midnight or Dallas on Ackard St and we'll work this out?

        Or will you not have time because of your pedicure?

      • you're as sharp as a bowling ball.....and would have made a pathetic lawyer. Of course you would have had to cheat on the bar to get there...I said EVIDENCE...

        this speaks to the vast ineptness of this mgmt team which is the same one still in place and raking in the option dollars that you continue to donate.

        go stick your head back in the sand and command your ship of fools.

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