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  • accugrowth accugrowth Feb 24, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    ELNK Pubished Updated Power Pt Today

    The updated roadshow slides compare ELNK with its competitors. Most are Cable companies that do not have the same national footprint as ELNK. The Comcast/TimeWarner merger indicates that there may be further consolidation. IMHO ELNK brings hard assets to the table that can attract a bid.

    ELNK also has a history of working with Sprint. The new owner of S wants to expand data centers in Japan, China, and maybe the USA.

    I would not buy a stock on merger rumor alone. However, the new presentation indicates that ELNK is not as bad off as the current stock price implies.

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    • Accu, this is not coming back to life. Trying to help you out, sell and keep what you have left.

      There is no catalyst for EL. They have zero IP and play in a business model that is saturated by competition. There are hundreds of companies that resell VM, host or offer a cloud product.

      You think Sprint cares about EL? No one is buying or merger until thing stops or BRKP.

      Rev is declining and they are losing money. The damage is done.

      Ask yourself this, if you are a CIO or CEO, why would you do business with EL vs x-company?

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      • Hey McRed,

        I appreciate your concern for my portfolio. However, the existence of competition is not a reason to hide my money under a rock. ELNK has 90 fiber rings and they own the connections between their Data Centers. RAX is a competitor, but does not have the hard assets to support their VM services.

        The ELNK power point shows that CIOs rate ELNK higher than RAX.

        A combination of RAX and ELNK makes a lot of sense for both companies. RAX is strong internationally, ELNK is strong in the USA.

        The ELNK fiber is already connected with a bunch of the S towers. S closed down the Nextel service at the end of last year. S paid ELNK per the Q4 report. #$%$ upgrades those same towers to Sprint Spark and their LTE build out, ELNK is in the correct position to win those contracts.

        Sorry McRed, fear is not an investment strategy.

      • Eventually ELNK will be bought for its subs. Now what will that be worth?

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