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  • libertarian4ever libertarian4ever Feb 6, 1998 9:28 AM Flag

    just typing out loud

    Once again, according to Relavant Knowledge which is an audience reporting service on the web, Earthlink placed #3 in most ISP sites visited. AOL WAS #1 AND MINDSPRING WAS #10.
    This was reported in the FEB 2 week of Internet World f/k/a WebWeek.
    In otherwords, forget the analysts and know what we know. This is a winner.

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    • I agree. I pulled out of ELNK today and moved most of it to CNCX at $15.

      If Sprint is looking to hold a large stake in an ISP, what about MCI, ATT, BELL?

      Why wouldn't they go for ELNK's runner up, CNCX?

      Those of you who held ELNK since the teens will notice a very close resemblance in technicals and fundamentals to CNCX.

      Hold on for the ride!

    • Correct. A very good one! Got in at 8 and 10 for quite a few shares. I see the same movement in this stock as compared to
      ELNK and Mindspring. Look at their performances and compare. CNCX is another good takeover candidate for some telephone company
      try to compete with Sprint and AT&T. It was rated 2nd in customer satisfaction and I'm sure there was more than one company with
      there eye on ELNK. Therefore a good substitute. I think undervalued at its current 14! I see it going to at least 30 by summer!

    • IT'S SPRINGTIME :-) !!!!g

    • Bought Concentric @ 10 it has been a good mover since.
      Even if ELNK drops. This is a good one . A keeper. If they downgrade they really ain't got a clue but THAT might not be news.

    • Hey Ellisd,

      Why don't you try what I did with ELNK and use stop orders to retain your gains. I put in a sell stop at 34 the morning it dropped 6 points. Two days later I put in a buy stop at 28 after it dropped below 27. So I saved 6 points on a 10-point swing (total commissions $26, yeah). In hind-sight I could have used tighter stops to save even more, but I am happy regardless.

      You could have put in a sell stop toward the end of today, say at 36 1/2 (keep in mind to stop it far enough from the intraday swings). If it continues to go up, which I think it very well could, then you are not out of the ball game like you are now. If it goes down then you lose about 2 points from the day's high (I never try to catch the very pinacle of a run; wish I could though).

      I know there are other methods to protect your gains, but this is the simplest. And with commissions so outrageously low, I could afford to jump in and out quickly.

      I wish there is a modified stop method where the condition is not just a price target, but a sentiment-type trigger (e.g. if the stock gaps up or down, I would want that to be my buy or sell signal). I say this because the intraday swings can trigger your stop orders prematurely.

      Good luck with your next stock. Come back to ELNK soon.


    • Just about now, the I.S. analyst at Everen is running her downgrade proposal past Senior Management. Be careful. We don't want to experience another 10 pt. drop!

      Those of you who got into AOL or ELNK early and enjoyed the ride, check out CNCX. Plot their curves against each other since IPO, compare their fundamentals, and watch out!

    • ellisd Feb 10, 1998 2:36 PM Flag

      I have been "long" with ELNK for nine months. Bought at 12 1/8 and sold today for 37. I missed my chance to sell last month, and I swore I would not miss it again.

      I don't doubt that ELNK will continue to rise as it is an excellent company, and a good investment. I made 200% on my money, though, and it was time to quit.

      Know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em!

      Goodbye, ELNK investors. I hope you all do well - and see 50 by springtime!

    • Any reasons why/ why not to ok the companys amending the stock option plan?

    • i like I am sure a lot of other people bought in today because AOL is forcing their users to look for a better price.
      AOL is going to miss their earnigs and everyone (traders) will go looking for the next big ISP.
      Go ELNK

    • Still waiting. Has anyone called the company to get the actually time of the release? And expectations??

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