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  • COMPOUND_02 COMPOUND_02 Mar 6, 1998 8:14 PM Flag

    Just out of curiosity...

    Hey if you guys have been watching ELNK every day then you pretty much are familiar with its movement right?
    Then why don't you try to capitalize on its intraday movements?
    On average you could make 4% just about every day. 8% on margin.
    Compounded, that is over 400% return IN ONE MONTH!!!! Imagine what it would be in one year.... By the way, the institutions are buying it up full force. Also as a guide, on a chart add in a 12 day SMA (simple moving average) & notice how it is reacting to it.

    Compound .02

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    • "By the way, the institutions are buying it up full force"

      This is a good thing isn't it?

      And how does one go about getting this kind of info, is there a web site that talks about it?

      Thanks in advance,

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      • Try & fish around in there. This sight will link you to anything & everything dealing with stocks. Also a good charting service helps.

        Compound .02

      • dsmjets, try this link:
        target=new >

        It indicates that based on 11,241,000 shares of stock for ELNK, 10 institutions are holding 20.1% of the stock. I can't vouche for the site's accuracy, and it is unknown to me what consitiutes an "institution".

        I also know that e*trade and Waterhouse have info on institutional holdings. I am also confident that more people from this thread will offer their knowledge of sites that provide the info that you seek.

        It is very important to look at institutional ownership for many reasons. One is to see if a company is under- or
        over-owned. ELNK is underowned right now. When underowned, and the stock looks attractive to bigger players like JP Morgan and Merril
        Lynch, their taking a position will boost stock price. It is nice to see ELNK doing this all by itself right now. The more people
        who own the stock the better, obviously. Insider ownership is very important. You must be heavily invested in your own company
        to attract new players. It indicates mucho faith in the future of the company.

        Hope this helps.

        Good Night...

    • To take advantage of inter or intra day movements is a little risky, not to mention expensive. Let's say 2 trades a week at
      $20 bucks a turn ($40/week and $160/month) not too bad but what if it starts to take off above your sell price. You don't want
      to miss out do you? No, you buy in for a loss. The same can happen if the price goes down. Pretty much a risky deal. Why not
      take that $160 you save in commissions a month and buy 3 more shares. Anybody not already playing these "flipping" games should
      be careful. Someone of your caliber may be able to do the necessary analysis. If someone wants to make this quick and easy
      money they should read up on it first. Try it on paper, it's cheaper!
      BTW I think the taxes on anything held less than 18 months is taxed at normal income rate (~30%). Does it still look like easy money?
      Someone let me know how the tax thing actually works.

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      • If you have $2000 & spend all of it & get 2%, that is $40 minus 16-$20 Now what about margin? We're looking at 20-40% every two weeks. Let uncle SCAM have his cut, that still leaves you with around 14 to 27 % in two weeks. & I havn't even added in the copounding effect. No complaints here.

        Compound .02

      • As far as chart patterns go, many charts fall into certain characteristics ELNK has a recent characteristic of riding its 12 day SMA or EMA (doesn't matter!) & on average will give around 6%
        every day or two. 4% with the bid & offer. If you don't want to lose any profit, float a stop loss. If you buy at the line (12 SMA) & it dips below, hold tight because strong companies almost always bounce back. OR use a tight stop loss from the buy point.
        But, if you're already long, and your trust is already there, why not play the bounces?

        Compound .02

    • However, I'm sure if it were that easy, the worlds poor would own a piece of the action.

    • Speaking of buying and selling, does anyone know the tax ramifications on buying stock and then selling within the next month as apposed to selling the stock two years down the line?

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      • The name of the game is to get into a lower tax bracket. Basically when you get wealthy enough, you can incorporate.
        Actually you just need a couple grand. When you get incorporated, make sure you do it in a state that has secrecy laws that way there
        is no information exchange with the IRS. Next, you would set up your corporation with shares of stock & distribute them out to
        you family making sure that you own the only stock with voting rights. That way you control all the money & can't get voted out!
        Now, if your corporation is worth say $40,000 & you have shares distributed evenly between 4 people, everyone would be put in a
        ten thousand dollar tax bracket, which you would pay for. Now as you can see, we just legally pulled you out of a $40,000 tax
        bracket & put you into a $10,000 bracket. And this doesn't even include writeoffs such as your computer, ISP, & whatever else you
        consider to be a business expense!!

        Compound .02

      • Read up about taxes.
        you will pay 28% (If that is your tax bracket) if less than 18 months, if you hold more than 18 months you will pay 20% taxes.

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