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  • edbaur001 edbaur001 Apr 22, 1998 10:13 AM Flag

    EuroWeb "EWEB up 30% at $2!! Europe Inte

    -==>>>> EWEB just shot up the roof now at $2 and rising fast!

    EuroWeb, "EWEB" is the largest European Internet Service Provider expanding fast into other parts of Europe by signing up many well-known companies including Microsoft, Digital, Sun, Mitsubishi, etc! EWEB recently acquired a number of Internet Service Providers and will be partnering with AOL and CompuServe for Europe Internet expansions soon!

    The Internet is going to be HUGE! --> EWEB $2 and exploding fast now, heading to $10 soon!!!

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    • look at YHOO, NSOL, AMZN and ELNK to see classic textbook teachings of technical analysis in action. First they broke their trendlines, now are retesting old high, just a few more days to a week before they fail to surpass the old high and decline, a classic 1-2-3 change in trend. Many other stocks have completed this change already. look at GCTI for a nice example.

    • I remember when I built my first porch. We would sit out there all day on Sunday drinking lemonade and counting the cars passing by. Sometimes our German neighbors would even drive by and wave from the window of their Porsche.

    • you're so full of shite i can smell your post.

    • WOW, never thought shorting a stock can be so much fun! Have shorted from $77 all the way down to $65. Will cover between $50 and $30/shr, and get my second porche!

    • Things are moving back and earthlink is going to keep moving up. PNLK is already back into positive numbers today!!

    • You say to me: "You think everyone is stupid and idiot ."

      My answer to you is: "NO, I dont think everyone is stupid and idiot, just you!"

      Again if you really think I, or you or people on this board can have any effect on the price movement of ELNK in any direction by our comments, innuendos, or suggestions you are absolutely out of your mind! The market is too complex for a board such as this and people like you and I or other participants having "ANY" implact on the price movement of ELNK in any direction.

      If you disagree then my suugestion and best advice to you is to seek psychiatric treatment ASAP. From the little I have come to know of you I can say that you are an illusionist living in your own little world of fantasy. Although this mental problem does not harm the people around you, it does have long term irreversible impacts on your mental health. Therefore again I advice strongly to seek psychiatric help ASAP.


    • Apj1, NO, you have no ability to affect elnk's price at all.

      But your attempt is too obvious . You attempt to advise everybody to sell shares so that you could buy it in a much cheaper price. Even a child could guess your attempt.

      You think everyone is stupid and idiot . You are
      the one need to see a Doctor.

    • You are simply put "an idiot"! Just to think that I or you or people on this board can effect the price of ELNK is an indication that you do need see a psychologist ASAP!

    • You are trying to convince everybody to sell elnk so that
      you can buy it cheap. You are dreaming. You think people
      are stupid and you can manipulate them by putting sabotage
      dirty words about elnk on this board.

      You think people are so easily to be cheated by you ?

    • Do you happen to be related to the Unibomber (i.e. Ted Kezinsky (sp?)) ?! You seem to be suffering from a severe case of paranoia! I do pitty you, and I strongly suggest to seek psychiatric treatment ASAP!

      You brought a nice smile to my face though! I have been called many names before (and I mean really MANY MANY names)! But never a Nazi!! It is true, everyday you learn/hear something new!!

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