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  • PBOL PBOL Jun 2, 1998 12:48 PM Flag

    Good Sprint news Good ELNK news

    If Sprint does good with this, that should be
    good for ELNK because when (if) the deal goes through,
    wont those people using Sprint service get

    How much of a pop do you think we'll get when the
    deal is finally announced on the 5th?

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    • If Sprint has this Technology .... Then ELNK board should approve the buy out at $45 .. rite ??? ... So when June 5 come . ELNK should pop down to $45 ... or pop up to $65 .. What do you think ??

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      • The board has already approved selling the shares
        at 45 I thought. Once that is done, ELNK gets
        165,000? users and Sprint guarantees >100,000 new users
        per year.
        I believe there is a meeting on June
        5th and that shouldn't be delayed or I will be
        worried. I think that Sky Dalton was trying to get to
        stock DOWN a few points so he could pick up some more
        for himself since he was selling his shares at 45 so
        the deal would work (taking one for the team). There
        could be bad news around the corner like issuing more
        shares, but they already said they were issuing more
        shares and that number can hopefully be reduced (like
        MSPG). I think long term this company will be great,
        short term I still think we'll go higher.
        Guess: I
        think we should go to at least 63 by Monday.
        can make us go higher: 1)Specific mention of the
        Sprint technology once the deal is closed.
        2) Short
        covering which has increased from 400K to 600K
        May to June (that's a lot with ~120K shares/day


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