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  • ejschultheis ejschultheis Dec 19, 2000 2:59 PM Flag

    Can anyone show me a stock

    which is down 50% or more this year which has
    shown a positive up trend in the past few weeks? Many
    investors will wait untill the last second to take a tax
    loss, they still hope that they can get a little higher
    price before departing with a poor

    AAPL COMS ELNK all trade within a point or so of cash
    value but can't get any traction in this market. I
    believe that the reason they can't get any traction is
    that many investors hold these stocks at much higher
    entry pionts. On this board alone I see investors state
    that they purchased this stock in the 30s and 40s. If
    they held it this long they certainly didn't use a
    stop loss or some predetermined sell level, they just
    held on.

    We are now comming down to the wire
    for tax time and many of these investors will sell to
    offset other taxable gains(if any) or just to take the
    $3000 taxable loss. I think many of these investors
    will sell their entire position and carryover the tax
    loss in excess of 3000 to future years. Some of the
    recent posts on this board you can see the frustration
    in the four letter language. Thee people will sell
    in the next two weeks just to releve themselves of
    the pain they have endored this past year, no matter
    how good the prospects are for this company in the
    near future. They just want to get out.

    If the
    market were to rally 500 points next week I don't
    believe that ELNK or many other beatendown stocks will
    participate. We will, at best just tread water until the new
    year when the tax selling, and the selling from those
    who just can't take it any more ends.

    I think
    January will bring a new life to some of these oversold
    companies and then the market will realise the underlying
    value of these firms.

    Good Luck in 2001

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