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  • sid66tb sid66tb Jan 20, 2011 10:40 AM Flag

    new ARSH----hts now at28.23

    looks like you are yet again a huge loser on yesterdays calls........gotta luv it right???

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    • on the AGNC board and positive ones here.......very similar investments, and AGNC has a greater distribution than HTS yet it is trading for nearly the same price...I believe AGNC is the better of the two although I have positions in both by way of sale of naked puts with strike prieces at $27 and lower for both stocks

    • Never mind those negative downers. We will get out of this stock at a profit. Either after earnings or before ex-div.

      Then I'm out of MREITS completely and sticking with equity REITS and blue chip dividend payers.

    • I was cost averaging and not putting more than I should, moron. And you will be hearing about me selling my .12 average calls very soon. How the 3 were happy for my "mistake" despicable

    • $29 calls which might carry enough premium in March when the next divvie is paid to not be called away....even if they were, i would then sell some more puts either at $28 or $29 depending on the share price for May which would result in additional income..........thanks, though, for pointing out the aspect that sometimes stock is called away before the month of the option, as you indicated could happen, but that gives one YET ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MONEY!

    • hit $30, but rather that is was not a prudent play by ARSH to buy $29 and $30 calls when the stock was a buck higher than it is now....many people end up losing the money they put into calls, and personally, i prefer to sell puts as prices I consider reasonable for a stock and get a premium rather than paying one...if the shares come to me fine, and if they don't that's okay i still make very nice premium money....i believe it is safe to say that many call buyers have spend enough money on calls which expired worthless or below what they paid for then which if they had used those funds to buy stock and sell covered calls on it they would have made some very very nice coin...getting called out is NOT A BAD can simple sell puts with that very same strike price and again collect a decent premium while one waits for the share price to fall back....remember than book value here in under $26, so there is a type of ceiling on how high the stock will go....Am happy with my positions here as well as in IVR in this sector and want to thank whomever mentioned ARR onthis board last Thursday..........I bought some at the open last Friday and so far so good!

    • Well said..

      ".even if you get called out at $29 would would make about$1.50 per share in 4 one $1 divvie as well.

      Agree about the $1.50...of course you would not get your divi if called out.....

    • I am a dime higher on both than you - did my second 1/3 "averaging down" a bit too soon. Fri and today have shown some pop (albeit nice market up days) before being walked down the last hour and one more like today tomorrow will put you in the money.

    • $30 makes a lot of money on a lot of volume, so you can trade calls for volume. I am much deeper in the money so I can pull out quick. However, to say we won't get to $30 is way to negative, which you have not said. I think patience is required. None of the MREIT's have been moving fast after getting a huge shot of adreneline (share capital). It sort of stunned the shares of all the MREITs. It was also options expiration on Friday. Today, migt be a bit better and certainly before earnings your $28.75 might be realised.

    • 1.45 bid and 1.60 ask....will be very very difficult for you to get to break even here...the stock would need to move to $29.25 which of course you already know. i do not see this over $28.75 prior to next divvie was waaaay ahead of itself at $31 the last time not expect it to get higher than $30 this time around...investors are worried about rate hikes which although not likely to materialize still affect stock prices...I would rather own the stock here in the low $28s and sell may $29 calls for 75 cents....even if you get called out at $29 would would make about 41.50 per share in 4 one $1 divvie as well...not a bad gain in 4 months.

    • Doc, no worries for me. My average price is .15 for the 30's, and .40 for the 29's. I have no worries at all. This was done to get the puts and shorts on board in the end of the Jan options, mark my words we are moving way up from here due to the squeeze

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