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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Apr 21, 2003 10:55 PM Flag

    Next Turn -- $19, Maybe $20

    auz, there's no excuse for your last post, in which you seem to suggest that I was calling NLS shares "free money". [Though I certainly expect to make money on my position: I'm holding shares at an average price of $13.09, plus July $12.50 calls that I picked up for 90 cents during the panic a couple of weeks ago --already worth $1.30, up 40% in 10 days.]

    You and many apparent shorts on this board blindly rely on NLS' imminent financial collapse, and refuse to consider any other scenario. The only checkable news items that you folks will accept are the two most recent earnings forecasts, as well as the one (one!) actual SEC-reported quarter that missed forecast (by a few cents). Everything else is anecdotes designed to conceal the obvious reason for stock price collapse: massive short-selling.

    In stark contrast to your own bizarre and irresponsible posts (and those of three or four other apparent shorts), most longs do consider your "doomsday scenario", but within a wider context that includes things like SEC filings, reviews in Consumer Reports, analysts' 12-month target prices, AND earnings forecasts.

    An irrational focus on two or three items of data is emotionally satisfying, but will not help anyone financially. (Except me, if I keep getting more shares at low prices.)

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