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  • fleabag22 fleabag22 Apr 25, 2003 9:46 PM Flag

    no dout about it

    asboy bought inseightforever glass business !!!!

    this is biggist moron that has show up here in long while!!!!! maybe we should call him nls bob!!!!!!!

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    • fleabag22 -- I'm replying because I cannot understand a word of your last post. If you can't at least cobble together something intelligible for the message board, then how can you possibly analyze stocks?

    • <asboy bought inseightforever glass business !!!!this is biggist moron that has show up here in long while!!!!! maybe we should call him nls bob!!!!!!!>

      Three for flea:

      1) Be polite; it's worth more than a nasty laugh or a daytrader's or shorter's proud profit.
      2) An improvement in your spelling (I'm attempting some polite advice here, honest) would win you some more respect on this board.
      3) The patent on my name has not expired. Pay the fee at the door when you use it.

      • 2 Replies to insight4ever
      • one last thing insight if you have peoples respect then people expect more from you!!!!!

        remember it's the money that counts and a true friend likes you for who you are not what you are!!!!!

        since valu does not come around much any more maybe you like a job selling my books?

      • 1.sorry insight,i meant no disrepect to you as your thoughts and ideas were always well thought out and articulated with style also you could make and take a joke
        2. as for my spelling (you are who you are)
        3. then you should be sueing the pants of these morons for using your glasses and not giving you credit!!!

        and as for this new crop of morons that showed up they are as dew on the grass!!!!!!!

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