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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar May 7, 2003 6:41 AM Flag

    Re: Run Like Heck!! SELL... SELL... SELL

    Scary stuff! I feel downright silly to have ignored months of these heartfelt warnings.

    Except ... oh, yeah. Nothing much has happened to the share price since November.

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    • "Nothing much has happened to the share price since November."

      Not true.

      The stock hit a high of $16.61 on 12/02/02. Since then it has shown a pattern of lower highs and lower lows, which is consistant with the company's deteriorating fundamentals.

      S&P's estimate of fair value is now down to $15.70. S&P has a history of being too optimistic about this stock.

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      • boredwithyak:

        It helps to check the facts. Here are statistics on daily close for the past six months, broken out into first three vs. last three.

        NLS average close Nov thru Present: $14.97
        NLS average close Nov + Dec + Jan: $14.78
        NLS average close Feb + Mar + Apr: $15.15

        It is what it is guys. Like I said, nothing much has happened to the share price since the shortists dumped in October.

      • Not at all. Look at the chart for the past six months rather than picking just one high and one low. Nothing has happened. $14 to $15 most of the time; $13 to $16 virtually every close.

        Anyone who has been in a frenzy of selling advice, frothing at the mouth since November about how the stock is going to plummet next week ... next week ... next week ... your credibility is shot. Be a grown-up about it.

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