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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar May 9, 2003 2:26 PM Flag

    Business Week article on NLS

    sonnyblack469 ... "one analyst ... jumps"

    What jump? I see about 2%. And I'm unclear about your take on the analyst: (a) he has head up ass, vs. (b) he's right but you made the points already ? Which is it?

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    • Astral, the jump I was referring to was up 0.45 in before-market-open trading with a stock whose average daily volume is under 1/2 mil and rarely trades in the extended hours market. I am definately not taking credit for beating the analyst to the punch; however who knows why he has made the price assumptions he has made (I don't think the article was too convincing, but some investors obviously bought into it). It is a typical case of the blind leading the blind. That is just my opinion.

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      • sonnyblack469
        I should make it clear that I don't find the article convincing either. And any randomly selected analyst probably has his head positioned just as you described.

        0.45 still looks kinda small ... 3%. Thanks for the clarification but I'm still going to wait for the jump.

        Yeah i agree that blind leading blind seems to sum it up ... in fact, he could have gotten $20 and $27 from this board for all I know! ("Hey guys, look, the board knows something we don't!" ... "Hey board, look, the analyst knows ..." etc.)

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