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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jun 9, 2003 8:10 PM Flag

    Rec. if the Seventh Fleet are Newbies!


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    • I fail to see what you have to do with the Seventh Fleet.

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        I'll plod through my answer a little more literally. Here's the scene:
        You and I are kamikaze pilots. We are defending the home islands. We are certain of victory. We see some stacks on the horizon and we almost feel pity for the poor buttery barbarians. Our hearts fill with emotion as we gladly paste the following bumper sticker onto our planes:

        "Honk if the 7th Fleet are Newbies!"
        Ok, pause it there.

        Fine, for all I care maybe they ARE newbies. If it makes you any happier, the dead american sailors are the same age as the dead japanese pilots.

        Is that really the issue? Or would these guys do better if they had more open minds?

        (And, again, the GUYS I care about here are the Japanese guys. The part of the Americans in this play can be handled by a cardboard smokestack and a stagehand.)

      • You fail to see anything that you don't want to see. And that's exactly my point.

        I'm not trying to prove that you're supposed to take investment advice from me or something. My point is just that you seem almost ... proud to ignore or misunderstand nearly everything that anyone says to you. I actually wonder whether you think that's a strength.

        It's not a new problem, or something unique to you personally. Don't take it that way. I just find it fascinating when you write a half-dozen highly offensive posts to me & then whine endlessly about a very mild retort. I am captivated by your need to prove to me things that we both know are false. I can't turn away.

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