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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jun 11, 2003 4:32 AM Flag

    Well, we have YOU to correct the record

    I own stock and calls as you might remember from last week. I would like to buy more shares at a lower price, and from time to time I do. I've never sold a share, but I plan to sometime if the price is right.

    And you disclosed that you are short. So you also want to buy shares at a lower price. Just like me. I think you also disclosed that you are not being paid by Nautilus Group. (Surprise!)

    But are you being paid by folks who DON'T own any stock? For example are you working for guys who are paid -- however indirectly -- by people who sold a few million shares short?

    I feel hazy about that, maybe you can remind us. Are you paid as part of an organized short & distort scheme, or are you shortn & distortn strictly for your own account?

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    • hey ass tral , It seems like the flea better know as "fat boy " , the big A ( this is the tag I put on him ) , and the largest asshole on the planet , small deposit are bulling you . Want me to take care of them , remembe when its too tough for you , its just right for me

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