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  • tropicdeposit tropicdeposit Jun 12, 2003 6:12 PM Flag

    & Always a charming, new pseudonym to

    celebrate the wonderful buying opportunity which will soon occur. I can't help but feel this parallels management's failure to mention Gremlins the last three times it's grossly missed its own projections.

    Some poor voice this afternoon, in imitation of sympathetic magic, learnedly moaned that "he believed" the stock will spike before earnings. Alas, this will not work, because there is no way to raise the pinky on the hand that holds a teacup, on a message board. Usually, one is out after three strikes.

    I just can't imagine why the stock keeps going down! LOL

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    • I think that the price will keep going down until after the earnings come out in four weeks or so. Probably (imo) no need to be buying/covering very much until after that. (Or maybe just a bit if your risk everse). Then once the price drops after a very, very possible q2 earnings miss, we might see good covering prices. THe low volume trap could become risky for shorts/buyers, but i don't think so in this case.

      NLS has missed enough estimates that i think it may be safe to say they will miss this one too. i hear second quarter earnings are normally at least a little lower than first quarter so i think that there's an excellent chance of a share price drop after the announcement.

      But some folks, especially people who want to limit risk somewhat, may want to think about at least partially covering/buying before the Q3 earnings come out. Why? To be fair to nautilus management, whatever mistakes they have made in the past, they reportedly did modestly improve the balance sheets in q1'03. Not a trend i necessarily want to see, lol, but we do have some responsibility to be cautious and fair to the guys who run things.

      anyway good luck all

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