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  • tropicdeposit tropicdeposit Jun 12, 2003 7:50 PM Flag

    Touching variations:"It CAN'T go lower"

    This is such a pathetic grift. We all know that stocks can go to zero. Buy 'em on margin, and your account can go to less than zero.

    Folks who are not scamming on Yahoo message boards start to build long positions, after a string of what it would be extremely polite to call gross earnings misses, when they see some REASON to believe that a turnaround is starting.

    But all we do know, suggests that the OPPOSITE of a turnaround is just getting started. It is really, really clear that NLS marketing hype based on "aura" is out the window, not only will the cheaper and equally good Weider product cause Bowlflex sales to SHARPLY contract, but there will undoubtedly be other more ephemeral competitors.

    A competitive edge among stair steppers as the turnaround driver of a sharply contracting business, is from Alice in Wonderland.

    And then, there is the little matter of management integrity!

    Why, Mr. Greenberg asked a while back, have some analysts chosen to go down with the ship? A good question, not yet fully answered.

    But here's today's news: The sellers rip into this stock whenever it goes up .10. That is because they know or strongly suspect that DOWNGRADES ARE COMING. And because they know that FURTHER CONTRACTION IN SALES IS COMING. And because they know that, historically, companies whose business is based on what amounts to an exercise machine fad, evaporate.

    Most likely those on this board pretending to be savvy, new builders of positions, are either boiler-roomers or folks deeply underwater in old NLS long positions. You wanna know how much new position is going on: Watch the stock price.

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    • or not. Why don't you do that?

    • You did just omit that little detail..I'm sure it was merely oversight which you will ever so gladly correct.

    • SELL: to me!
      Careful, you warped little egghead.

      Greenberg's "go down with the ship" comment was very carefully ambiguous about whether the analysts "went down" by sticking with fundamentals, or by abandoning them.

      begin{Greenberg}: " What I really want to know is why some of the sell-side analysts who follow Nautilus (NYSE:NLS - News) chose to go down with the ship.
      Two who come to mind, Brent Rystrom of Piper Jaffray and Eric Wold of RTX Securities, had boldly supported the stock even as fundamentals crumbled.
      Yet rather than saying that if you loved Nautilus at $14, you must be head-over-heels for it at $10, the analysts have now downgraded the stock -- to underperform and neutral, respectively. "

      Herb's a bit more careful than you, Mr. Shortn -n- Distortn. In April Herb was already laying groundwork that could be used to claim he predicted a rebound ... meanwhile you're still babbling about submarines and house pets.

      SELL: to me.

    • TropicDeposit,

      No doubt, their are people on this board and
      other boards that are as you say, "scamming",
      though I would extend that to shorts as well
      as longs. Stocks can go to zero... you win the "no-duh" award for that statement.

      Today's 11.66 move was at the end of day when
      you and I know where the bid was right before
      the sell of 5,600 shares. Perhaps you are
      right, it was a person "savvy, no doubt",
      who felt he needed to short some more shares.
      Maybe it was a guy who needed to buy himself
      a Humvee, who knows....who cares.

      As you said, and rightly so, "watch the
      stock price". That my friend is the
      bottom line.

      People have systems in place. Your system,
      TropicDeposit is different then say,
      my system. It will be interesting to see
      where this stock ends up from $11.78 by

      I do have to admit, your pontificating is
      quite amusing. Keep it up, I like your
      spunk. You add mix to this board.


      The Knucklehead

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